CRJ performance and AP issues

It seems that the CRJ uses it’s own refresh rate and others have noticed as well. It completely disregards the in-sim settings which definitely doesn’t help fps either.


hey whats your system like? Im having the exact same issue! my fps in CRJ went down by ~15fps, where it howers around 30fps and is not smooth at all. im running 1080p not even Ultra. There are people in this thread who run this sim in ULTRA 4k with better framerates than me on 1080p.

CPU: 5600x
GPU: 3060ti
Win10 2004

hey could you post your system specs please? my fps in crj is waaaay lower than FBW A320NX

CPU: i7-7700HQ 2.7GHZ Turbo Boost to 3.8GHz
GPU: GTX 1060-6GB

Yes, I noticed that right away, since I use refresh rate at low in settings (don’t judge me, please).

Trying to find a way to change refresh rate on the CRJ, cause I’m pretty sure that’s the issue. Haven’t been lucky so far…

Some advanced config in that huge tablet screen would help indeed.

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The performance is bad because its running a lot more advanced code than the A32NX. But also sim update 3 has its own performance problems as well. Hopefully they fix that soon.

Yeah, I just noticed that the in the sim I’m getting 40-45 fps in the cockpit right now. As soon as power (ground or APU) comes on, I lost 15 fps. I was getting ~7 FPS lower this morning but maybe the sim weather changed though I don’t think that can fully explain it. Maybe it was running it a second time? Who knows.

The drop is probably related to a mix of the aircrafts displays and simulation complexity due to more systems being on. The aircrafts displays are almost most surely the bigger chunk.

I think it is a focus for further optimization or at least some kind of refresh rate option is the way to go for those of us without super machines.

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There’s nothing wrong with the jet on my end. Make sure you’re reading the manual. The performance problems I’m experiencing are in the sim, not the jet.

I did a full flight from EDLP-EDDM yesterday and had no problems. I just followed FilberFlies´ Youtube video. I actually found the performance (I fly exclusively in VR) to be better than the A32NX on my end. It was a really smooth flight. The displays were crystal clear on my G2.

My Specs:
i7-8700K - 4.9 GHz
GTX 1080Ti, Driver v457.30
32 GB RAM 3200 MHz
HP Reverb G2 - Ingame Resoultion Scale 100%, TAA on, WMR Resolution Scale 50%

Wow we got the same specs. I’ve been holding off on VR until I upgrade my system. It runs okay for you huh? Yeah, I’m going to have a lot of fun in this jet.

I am quite surprised lol, I was prepared to return my G2 if the performance was ■■■■. But my 1080ti is really pulling its weight.
I run most settings low/medium though: (following cptlucky guide)

But I run clouds on high, contact shadows low, ambient occlusion off, light shafts low.
And unless im in a heavy PG area or some custom airports at night, I usually get 30-35 fps in VR.
So if youre eager to try out VR just jump in. It requires a lot of tinkering but when it works its magical :smiley:

Does anybody know how to reduce the refresh rate in the CRJ? It seems that that may be the real limiting factor between my 30-35 fps in the FBW A32NX and the 20-25 fps in the CRJ.


Thanks, now you really have me thinking about it. The impulsive guy in me wants to do it now. The smart guy in me says wait until after I upgrade…

I’m waiting to see some real benchmarks from the 11900k before making any final choices- but I really don’t want to wait 3 weeks to get into a faster rig lol.

The only thing is that I have to keep the 1080 for a while. I’m hoping a faster system will boost performance a bit nonetheless. I wonder if you upped your processor if you’d be able to up your settings some, or is that all GPU bound?

We’ll all be retired before that happens lol. Aerosoft was pretty clear that this was the best jet for the current state of the sim, so I’m pretty happy with what I see atm. I’ll be delighted when weather radar, rain effects and other little goodies are implemented too.

I think we’re realistically a year away from anything from PMDG, so I’m kind of hoping that an alternative will come along that gives Randazzo a run for his money:-)

Meanwhile- there’s a whole lineup of new jets in the pipeline. I hope those are as good or better than the CRJ. Hopefully this will raise the standard a bit.

At the moment Im mostly limited by GPU. But in some rare instances I see limitation by Main Thread too. But 99% of the time the GPU is the limit. So with my current CPU and RAM, I would first consider upgrading my GPU. Also I regularly see 7-8+ gb of VRAM usage, so I would probably wait for the 3080ti :smiley: (not like the gpu shortage is gonna go away anytime soon)

I didn’t get anything like that on my system. It was buttery smooth all around and I’m on an 8700k with a 1080ti. I’m actually very impressed with the jet. I didn’t think I’d be thrilled about the CRJ- I hate flying in it in RW, but it’s a beauty in the sim.

Performance in the sim is broken ATM, but I don’t hold that against the CRJ.

There are definitely issues and funkiness with the LNAV and intercepting courses. As well as the INTC CRS function missing/broken. But that also didn’t work on old versions of the Aerosoft CRJ, so I’m not hopeful about them fixing it.

I was surprised, I didn’t see ANY frame drop at all. I couldn’t even tell the difference between the tablet being on or off. And I don’t have a top end system

yeah I also get fps drop after feeding the FMS

Apparently if I push the yoke all the way forward, the displays freeze and i get an extra 30 FPS. The displays are what is eating the FPS like no tomorrow.