CRJ performance and AP issues

I’ve heard that there is a FPS drop but I’ve flown the CRJ many times and don’t see any performance reduction on my system

Ok good for you, so what are your specs?

Seems it varies a lot.

Yeah, i tried this and and theres no difference for me, its not really a practical solution either

My specs are not that impressive honestly. I7-8700K with a GRX 2070 Super. I overclocked the CPU to 5.0 GHz and have 32 GB of RAM. My graphics settings are default high end and I get the same frame rates on the CRJ as I do on any other aircraft. Big airports like LAX give me 29 or 30 FPS and I go up to 40 or 50 FPS in open areas.

I do have my rolling cache and manual cache on an SSD to improve speed but that’s about it. I reset my graphic settings after the latest updates but I don’t see any of the problems that so many people are reporting. No idea why.

I think im going to try to set a rolling cache, how big did you set yours to?
No wounder you arent having problems with a 5Ghz CPU!
Will also reinstall the CRJ and see if that helps

I’ll check and let you know. You did make me think that may be all the people having CTD issues could be because they overclocked their CPU too much.

EDIT: 16GB rolling cache

I get just as good of performance on the CRJ as everything else. I run default High-End right now (used to run Ultra before the SU3, will revert back to it once they fix performance issues)… i7 10th Gen, RTX 2060 6 Gb, 16 Gig RAM @3200… Basically, even in busiest hand-crafted airports, I get at least 20-25 FPS fully started with everything on. On less-performance hungry areas, I get above 30 FPS. I am pretty happy with performance, everything is very smooth, even when it’s in 20-25 FPS in laggy areas. So I don’t really watch FPS much.

Hi all

As posted in different CRJ topic check the below … it helps a LOT for people that adapt.


Thanks, i just saw this in another topic, this is just what i was lookng for.

Disabling FO instruments has given me enough performance as to where its actually flyable.


Hope it helps … can u let me know the FPS increase ?

Also i asked Aerosoft to add a button to the EFB to switch of the copilot screens ( already was in p3d version … mystery to me whyvthey removed from the MSFS version )

omg that helps so much!! you can also turn off the cptn’s skycam btw.

Does that help in fps ? I never have it on anyway

It don’t think that’s the real reason.

Any modern enough CPU/GPU (for a sim like fs2020 I mean at least an r5 3600 and a 1080) should be able to run that code flawlessly if written and optimized properly (proper and careful usage of system resources).

Even the most trivial piece of code can be a resource hog if not handled well.

An example would be the FSLABS A320.
By far the most complicated Airliner ever done for a flightSim.
It went from 20-25 fps to almost 60fps constant with the proper optimaztions for dx12.

Now I don’t know if this lack of optimization is related to the limitations of the SDK or if it’s the result of them focusing on fixing bugs…

At the moment I do not own the Crj but I’ve seen many users having the same performance issues.

My performance with the CRJ is just fine, and nothing else from other planes. I don’t fly the A320, but it has been smooth enough so far to not look at FPS at all.

Running an I5-10600K, RTX3070, 32 GB, 1 TB SSD. Settings mostly ULTRA.

Did a VATSIM flight yesterday EGKK-EDDL which went nearly perfect (except from some pilot induced errors lol )

With this kind of Rig having low fps would imply faulty hardware , Lol :slight_smile:

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Hi Prone. Feel free to direct message me or shoot me an email - I have also a 3.7ghz cpu (but an I3) don’t know if this makes a difference. There is alot of FPS saving to be had. but you absolutely need to know which bits to tweak in order to have the sim run smoother. Especially if you can do without things such as airport ground vehicles, personnel and other AI Aircraft which are known huge performance hogs.

Was that FPS before or after stealing your data?

what do you mean?

Isn’t FSLABS the one that had the malware in their addon?

yes but later got removed.
The version I’m talking about didn’t have any malware included.
Even if it had a malware this has nothing to do with what I’m saying :slight_smile: