CRJ Refund on Steam?

Hey there, is it possible to get a refund on my just a few minutes ago purchased CRJ on Steam ? Bought it via the Marketplace and I just got CTDs and I’m done with this game !!

Thanks for your help!


Marketplace purchases are not done by Steam. In Steam, you buy Marketplace credits. Those might or might not be refundable. Once you used them on the Marketplace inside the game, this is now Microsoft territory, not Steam.

Nope. You didn’t buy the CRJ on Steam. You bought virtual credits that have already been consumed by Microsoft.

There’s no recourse for getting your money back from the marketplace items.

This is why you don’t buy stuff on launch day. Particularly via the MSFS marketplace.


Ok, thanks for your quick response!

Just do a chargeback. If you don’t ever intend to play the game again then do the chargeback and be done with it. Easy enough to claim “it doesn’t work”.

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Yeah, just call your CC and have them do a charge back. But you only have a few days to file one.

I wouldn’t be quick to follow the CC chargeback advice you’ve been given. That will get you in evern more trouble. If you do a charge back on Steam, your Steam account will likely end up black listed and you’ll lose everything associated with said account.

Steam aren’t the ones that sold you the product. Steam delivered what you bought - virtual credits, which MS then cashed in for the CRJ. Steam aren’t responsible for that. Doing a cash back after Steam delivered what you paid for is essentially considered stealing from Steam, and they will trash your account as a result.


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