CRJ throttle dips

Am i the only one that whenever i put the throttle foward, the engine dips then spool up back again ?

I’ve seen that too

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Yes, noticed as well and it also exists in the A32NX.

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I just did the CRJ update and they say Throttle improvement?
I have a Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG Throttle does not work.
Even after the update.
Using the default throttle setup power only goes to 70% max
Copying the throttle and calling it the HOTAS Throttle CRJ and making the following adjustments:
Throttle 1 Axis , Throttle 2 Axis same problem max 70% and it jitters between 70%-79% max?
Setting it up as a single throttle only using Throttle Axis same problem as before.
It will be put back in the hanger. Very disappointed.

Did you post on the Aerosoft forum where they might be able to help you?

I bought it from Microsoft so I guess no sense buying anything from the market place. NO SUPPORT
Also checked the throttle advance for all other aircraft Max = 100%
Aerosoft CRJ the throttle only advances to Max = 77%
Therefore the CRJ throttle interpretation from Microsoft does not work correctly.
Could be only the Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG?

Why would Microsoft support a product that they didn’t create? Just because they are selling it? That makes no sense

Did you calibrate your throttles?

Did you read my previous post? The throttle calibration does not work.
The problem is that Aerosoft is not able to read the Microsoft throttle calibration. Their own calibration does not work or at least not with Thrustmaster HOTAS WARTHOG.

Right but how is that Microsoft’s problem?