CRJ throttle issue (controller)

Hey guys,

So I am having a weird little issue that i dont have on any other aircraft. So i use my Xbox one controller and have a very simple mapping. As 95 percent of my flight time is spent with Autopilot. I have mapped A as throttle up and B as throttle down. Now in every aircraft I fly its a very smooth transition up and down… But with the CRJ, it smoothly transitions up to I believe climb power. Once it hits that it only goes up in chunks from like climb power/ max thrust/ whatever the other one is… and when i hold B to retard the throttle it just jumps from those three positions and I am unable to retard the throttle below climb at all. I have to use the mouse and pull each throttle back individually. Its kind of weird. Anyone else experience this??

Have you setup and calibrated the throttle as in the instructions?

Is this specific for the CRJ? or a universal setup?

The CRJ. You really need to read the manual

hmmm interesting, I will give that a look over. Thanks, thought it was just some obvious fix that i wasn’t seeing.

There is a configuration screen in the cockpit of the CRJ for throttle calibration and setup that once done should fix you up.

I had the same issue, both keyboard and xbox controller unable to decrease throttle below climb detent, but following this post worked it out for me:

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