CRJ World Tour

Hey all…

As i m getting better and better with the lovely crj i just thought… always gatwick frankfurt and munich madrid is really getting boring. I always was about doing a world tour so i spontaneously decided to do a world tour with the crj.

I started in Argentina, Patagonia at Ushuaia SAWH with my first leg to Punta Arenas, Chile. The Airport Code is SCCI.

Here is the full first leg ( speach is german )

It was a short flight just to get familiar with the weather there … but so far really really nice landscape there. I was doing the bushtrip there as well and i think the Ushuaia Airport was the ending of the bushtrip, right ?

Next town will be Puerto Montt in Chile - Airport Code SCTE.

Hope you can get some inspiration from my trip and i also hope, if the multiplayer won t stutter as today, we can do some legs together ? Anybody wanna join with the crj ?

All the best … mike


The next jump over to santiago de chile is online :sunglasses::+1:t4:

Ok here i have some more pictures for you…!

On my way to Santiago de Chile

Shortly before Santiago

Leaving Santiago de Chile off to Buenos Aires

on Final into Buenos Aires

And if you wann see a video … there you go: