CRJ700 i watch many tutorial and shadow everithing and no success flight, bad aquisition

This is Majestic. They built a superb Q400 in P3D and are currently building for MSFS…due probably early next year…well worth the wait.


I just flew the Dash8 earlier today. I still have NO IDEA how to set up VNAV in that thing… OR how to enter airways - I only know how to enter SID, STAR, and individual waypoints. But I can configure everything else pretty nicely and fly it safe. I gotta spend some time and read how to set up VNAV in it, it would be even better. Truthfully, I haven’t spent as much time with it as it deserves and it’s been forever ago that I did the tutorial flight with it. There is an update for it coming soon too! Should be fun.

The day that Dash8 arrives to MSFS, the bar will be raised once again. THEN we will have 15 threads a day on how difficult it is and how bad of an investment the aircraft is! :wink: It’s pretty awesome though.

so that’s on P3Dv4?
I love the Beta range sounds with this a/c!!
yes agree…the a/c in FS will be excellent I think. They’re also going to deliver a Q300 and Q200 in time -
the 200 opens all the Norwegian and Greenland short strips for me!!!

I use P3D v5.1, but yeah… they are doing a full passenger cabin modeling in the next update. Hopefully when it comes to MSFS it will have it as well.

To get back to the CRJ… I wouldn‘t question my capabilities if it rolls left and right or doesn‘t capture the ILS or has VNAV issues. Generally it‘s a very early release that is simply not ready. I don‘t have it so I can‘t go into detail but its Autopilot is very able to fly basic modes. You don‘t do trans continental jurneys with this airplane, you CAN easily fly it like a TBM or a Kingair. It‘s a bit of a pity that the more advanced modes that you‘re curious about don‘t work (yet) but it‘s a relatively light aircraft, easy on the controls, my advice is to be the pilot and just fly it. Even if it means to turn of the AP. In reality we do cross country flights or several hours all the time, VFR and IFR, and in our aircraft we don‘t have any autopilots at all. It‘s just a matter of mind, whether you despair of a weird autopilot or whether you fly the dam thing. You‘re in a sim, it doesn‘t matter how much you know, how long you have been simming or what other people think about you. It‘s about you having fun with your addon and I think if you want to learn to fly this airplane starting from the basics, even if it means to keep the hands on the yoke or joystick, will teach you a lot. Go step by step abd don‘t force yourself to „make it right“ from the beginning. You can‘t do any harm here, just look for enjoyment.

@BostonJeremy77 airways via FPLN, menu, right side airways and then look for the airway you want and type in its line number. Same for fixes then, makes route building quick and easy. VNAV is a bit more complex, there should be some good tutorials around. You need to tell it at which fix you want to be at which altitude and at which ROD and then 2 minutes before you get to your T/D hit VNV. Don‘t expect airbus or 747 quality though, it‘s a Q400. It‘s a very simple aircraft in comparison to other computers. ^^

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It is set to MODERN, but i follw the tutorial video and in the fms i have a lot of difference show in the page it is imposible to do something, look like your crj is different to the my, I take the same model livery, starting position and is never work propely.

Hello, thank to every one who help me. I did it! yes i successfully make a IFR flight for 18min but i did it.
It was a ferry flight bettween two airport near me who i know very well. But at the ils approch the system stop to work and the plane dive, i take to manual control of the plane to landing correctly, but why the ILS stop to work at mid course? I suspect my speed was to low? By the way thank again to everyone who help me.
B. Fraser

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The ILS is just a few beams and your aircraft follows them to the runway, the idea behind it is fairly simple. The airplane once in approach mode will stubbornly fly there and eventually fly into the runway, there is no autoland or so in a CRJ. What certainly could have happened is what you say, if your speed dropped too far your lift decreased and eventually the only direction is „down“. As long as your nose is somewhere around the horizon or 2 or 3 degrees above on approach with flaps full down the speed is okay for a beginner. It‘s not „by the book“, but hey… everyone has to start somewhere.

A good start is on the ILS (3 degree glide slope) with full flaps to have the engines at around 60% N1. It‘s a typical value across most commercial jets plus/minus a few %. But it will give you a good idea of the speed that you‘ll have to have. Once you go further and learn how to make proper approach speed calculation (it‘s no rocket science, don‘t worry), all that becomes clearer and easier every time you do it.

The most important thing is not to lose the fun.

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thank you for your word. I know how the ILS work and i did very often with cessna citation or longitude and i have no probleme. I understand what you tel me. When i engage the aproche i put few degree flap and mid deploy and as soon my speed go down i put more flap and again t’ill i gear down the ils was disengage and that why t think my speed was to low or the plane change attitude and lost the ILS signal, with any other aircraft in fs2020 i got no probleme but the crj is very different to other aircraft i have a lot to learn but now my confident become and one day i will flight it like my favorite plane, the cessna longitude, it is like a ferrari for me, very powerfull and agille, fast to maneuvre i have a very fun. Now it is the secret of crj to discover.
B. Fraser

Its a bug. The CRJ will often drop below the GS in the sim, which its not supposed to do.
The developers are aware of the issue (its their #1 priority to fix).


I was exactly where you were about a month ago. I had quite a bit of buyers remorse after purchasing the CRJ. I simply couldn’t get the AP to work, flying the airplane became incredibly frustrating and I eventually would end the flight and switch back to the WT CJ4 and FBW A32NX.

The Dude’s tutorial seemed too in depth and it became a chore to follow along with it. But I watched through every single one multiple times and made notes. I would follow through at least one tutorial a day. I start the airplane from cold and dark every time and it has helped with troubleshooting when something goes wrong because you learn the flows and know how to resolve the warning notifications.

I promise that if you stick with it, the CRJ will grow to become one of your favorites in the game.

Hello, I did some flight from Ottawa to Montreal because it is simple flight plan to put in systeme and i know very good those airport. I became to thake confident but the issue with ILS spoil the flight but i never crash and go around and redo the ILS when is go off i finnish it manualy, it is a easy plane to land for me that help to get succes flight. Thank you for the info with the ILS issue, so i expect a patch soon and that is realy fun when they fix it. My next step longer flight to unknow airport full passenger.
and max heavy cargo to the limit.

Hello again, when i flight the cessna longitude in ILS i go easely to 100 feets and i take control to land it. i like go to the limit but with CRJ fix it will be fun i know it.

The best advice I can give until the ILS problems are resolved is to hand fly the approach and use the ILS as an advisory, She actually flies really well as long as you have the speed under control, I managed an manual landing in Dallas FW yesterday in zero visibility driving rain after a go around, nerve wracking but fun!

Hello, some one have approch with VNAV on CRJ? I did it on some other models aircraft and they are a very good precision approch.

What were the minimums in that situation? The manual says to disconnect AP at 1000 ft. But there’s an article from Bombardier showing Cat III certified CRJs w/ HUD having an RVR of 600.

Either way, I’ve had to do exactly what you’ve suggested more often recently and I’m not sure what’s happening. I also have to switch the nav source to NAV 1 because for some reason the approach path shifts on the FMC at every fix and the plane never lines up. I need to take a screenshot and post it on the Aerosoft site to see if anyone else has had the same experience after the recent 2105 AIRAC update.

I saw that shifting, too. Just so you know it’s not only you

Glad to hear I’m not the only one. I just reinstalled 2105, but it sounds like an issue with the Navigraph CRJ data installer maybe? I’ll need to do some digging in the AS and Navigraph forums to see if it’s a known issue.

I would argue the same although I’m not sure if I also saw this with the stock Nav data. But let’s see what included in their update that should be coming this week.

No idea, It was pretty chaotic to be honest, I did a two leg trip, Cincinnati to Nashville, then Nashville to Dallas, wanted to do a ‘proper’ turnaround so the MSFS controllers were less than helpful as they kept wanting to revert to the plan for the first leg, in hindsight I should have set the end point as Dallas then made the stop in Nashville. I still have not figured out how to manually contact an airport so had to wait until DFW popped up under ‘Airports nearest you’ by which time I was less than 20 miles away and 3000 feet above the platform, there was loads of traffic, first time I have heard the TCAS alerts going off, and all this in zero visibility. The FMS Nav gave up after the go around so I had to manually fly back to the start of the approach, as you say, I had to manually set the ILS frequency into the radio page. It all ended well but was pretty intense! I didnt have any confidence that I had set the approach up properly and when I saw the runway off to my right at about 500m I stepped across, only to land on 17R instead of 17C, so probably the ILS was correct!