CRJ700 i watch many tutorial and shadow everithing and no success flight, bad aquisition

Have you tried Vatsim? I don’t even bother with the MSFS ATC anymore. Vatsim adds an entirely different level of realism to the game and you don’t encounter issues like you mentioned.

I just did a circuit from and back to 9L at KATL and did not see the issue. I know I saw it for the first time yesterday at KORD (can’t remember which rwy) and saw it again on the ILS for 9L at PANC.

yes and no, I have set it all up in the past, XP11 I think, and sat on the maintenance area just watching and listening but didnt pluck up the courage to join in. Its only really with MSFS that I have started flying IFR, so still very much a learning experience, pretty sure I would have given a vatsim controller a nervous breakdown yesterday!

Try Vancouver 26R via the WHISTLER6. That’s where it happened to me last time.

I’m about to go on a rant and I apologize in advance:

I’ve gotten 100x more enjoyment out of MSFS using Vatsim. In fact, I had all but quit playing MSFS until I gave Vatsim a second shot and it is addicting. Like you, I tried back with FSX and it was too intimidating and quit.

You do not need the knowledge of an instrument rated pilot. If you can fly the CRJ, you’re qualified for Vatsim. From what I understand - a controller’s biggest frustration is when pilots log in without knowing the basics of their aircraft they’ve chosen to fly. If you can hold a speed, altitude and fly your flight plan, assigned headings, you’re good to go. If you want the knowledge of an instrument rating you can join a training org like Vatstar and they have PPL/IFR/CME/ATP courses that go through the material just as you would in IRL. These courses are not required, just an additional option and community of newer pilots learning the ropes. There’s also a Vatsim discord you can join and ask beginner questions. I do it all the time.

If you put “New Vatsim Pilot” in the comments of your flight plan, controllers understand. I started by logging in and listening to busy airports and watching tutorial videos on YouTube to get an idea. On your first flight choose an airport with little/no traffic and on your IFR clearance request just say “this is my first flight on vatsim” and they’ll be more than happy to walk you through it. I chose KEVV and the controller there is awesome - highly recommended if you see him online. I think there’s only two that staff KEVV and the one I’m thinking off is the only one that can do the Approach control (top down so he staffs Appr, Twr, Gnd), another one is KMYR and it’s staffed in the evenings regularly. 99% of the controllers are very patient and helpful with beginners. Some of them do it as a hobby, some are actual IRL controllers and some are retired controllers. I’ve only been on Vatsim for probably a month and I’m confident enough to fly pretty much anywhere, during the busiest events. KATL is really busy and one on of my first few flights in the WT CJ4 the controller cleared me for takeoff and said “RNAV Football” and my response was “RNAV what?!?” and he explained how RNAV takeoff clearances work. Last week during an event KDEN - MMMY I had my FMC programmed for the wrong SID and didn’t realize it until I had already taken off, I asked the controller for vectors, told him what’s up and he was cool with it and gave me time to clear up my FMC. I have a ton of examples of how I’ve messed up and the controller and other pilots were cool with it. Everyone understands that it’s a game and people are there to have fun.

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that’s not a rant, that’s a Vatsim appreciation essay :slight_smile:

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:slight_smile: Thanks mate, thats very encouraging, I know you are right, I had the same jitters before starting to play with an Arma clan that turned out to be one of the best gaming things i ever did, Im one of those people who like to be 100% at something before going public, more for fear of spoiling someone elses day!

I have a few bits on the go, just ordered a Class Echo so need to figure that all out then I WILL give vatsim another go!

Thanks again!

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I’ve never heard of a Class Echo until just now and now I can’t live my life without it.

I think there’s a way to do pilot/copilot flights on Vatsim using the vpilot client. If you’re interested I’d be happy to do a short flight in controlled airspace with you.

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Ill take you up on that! I went for the class Echo after Amazon kindly cancelled my order for a Honeycomb throttle that I had been waiting 6 months for, so the cash was burning a hole (wife had already signed off on it!) The Class echo will hopefully solve my biggest issue (and the reason I ordered the Honeycomb, my TM Warthog does the job) a Rotary Control! I find trying to fiddle those knobs whilst keeping my track IR steady incredibly frustrating. Its not compatible with the CRJ yet, but I messaged the maker Paul and he is working on it for the next update, I cant wait!

CRJ500/700 when i turn a switch they can not be return to position, ex: i put hyd 3A to off they can not terurn to on. This issue happen in ramdom switch at every flight. The last flight i touch by mistake a eicas switch to off i can not turn to on, i have to looking to copilot to finish the flight. I redo a flight and no issue with Eicas switch but it is a random switch somewhere will be stock.

Are you using the mousewheel?

I know this may sound trivial, but two of my biggest issues with the CRJ are trying to read the really small altitude, speed, heading, and other data, as well as the fact that you cannot use the altitude knob on the Honeycomb Throttle Quadrant. These make for a frustrating flight for me.

Helo, every one. I read a video about navigraph and i understand my lack to do a good flight plan, Do he worth to use it? because is a fee to be get the all info. I saw the departure and arrival of all airports and there why it is not work it, i choose the wrong departure and why they don’t work. Some opinions may be about navigraph?

yes i use it the mouse wheel and still frozen.

you can first start planning your flight in SimBrief, that’s free and will assign the appropriate arrival for the respective approaches.

I had the same trouble, that and trying to operate the rotary knobs in the plane with track IR whilst keeping en eye on the MFD, I just bought a Class Echo, Only had one flight with it so far and there are still a few bugs to iron out, but the difference it makes is significant.

I also upgraded the Rotary to Dual knobs

Thanks for the info on Class Echo. I had never heard of this device, and I think this would be exactly what I need to be able to see and change settings better, but the problem is I only play MSFS in VR mode. I don’t see any way that I could use such a device without seeing it, unlike a keyboard or a throttle quadrant. Thanks for making me aware of it though. Maybe I can pass it on to someone else.

Ah no worries, I have VR too but only use it for GA steam gauge flying and my eyesight struggles with that, TrackIR for anything more complicated!

Some one have issue with CRJ7000 scince last update? Me the ILS do not work at all and no audio from ATC when i flight CRJ!!! Aerosoft do not try the stuff before relased? I do a flight from Boston to Montreal and no flight hours landing and takoff is record in log book?

You need tu push the vfh1 radio button. It needs to be out instead of in (which is wrong but hey). You needs to do on the left panel (your side, not the FO side).
Not sure if this aerosoft of a asobo issue.

The ILS works ok for me on version 1.05. Did you update correctly ?