Thought i would start to learn the CRJ at last lol…

Do you not get a weather a radar ? sorry if been asked before

Weather radar doesn’t work in the sim the way it’s supposed to (doesn’t capture precipitation intensity, just cloud density). So Aerosoft didn’t simulate a working weather radar.

You can turn the switch on; you just won’t see anything.

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The CRJ is a third party aircraft by Aerosoft, hence I moved the thread to Third Party Addon Discussion, Aircraft.

It’s pretty easy to search the forum for questions like this. Just FYI in case you weren’t aware

I absolutely love the CRJ and a have great respect for Aerosoft. However, they could’ve implemented a weather radar even if it’s just cloud density quite easily and make most people happy. Either they are extremely knit-picky or they couldn’t be bothered.

A cloud-density display is not a weather radar and is not what people who want a study-level aircraft expect or want. Speaking for myself, I would rather have nothing and wait for a proper implementation when the SDK allows it. It’s a small price to pay.


Agreed, I say just wait for them to get it right honestly…