Cross plataform content

If I purchase content throught the ingame market in the Game Pass included editon, does it transfer to Steam version if I purchase it afterwards?

I would imagine that the answer is yes, as the Steam version and Microsoft Store version both require that you connect the client to your Microsoft account and process transactions on the Marketplace through said account.

That being said, keep in mind that you may have to reinstall the game if you have it on game pass and buy it on Steam. Not 100% certain about that though.

One key thing to note, if you buy the premium or premium deluxe upgrades in-game, they only give you the airports and aircraft. You would still need to get the base game through either store so it’s cheaper to buy a bundle from out of game.

Sure. I’m thinking about playing on Game Pass until a Steam promo comes by.

Yeah. I just want to buy some planes from the ingame marketplace.

Then I believe that should be fine.