Cross Platform Multiplayer

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My friend, who plays MSFS 2020 on PC, and I (on an XBOX Series S) tried to do a multiplayer flight a short time ago. We could see each other on the world map at various times but could not see each other in the air or at the runway ready for take-off. Is there a cross-platform problem, and if so, is there a way to work around it?

There was someone here with a PC to PC set up had the same issues. They said the got past it by changing server. I am guessing they meant that one went to another part of the world to reset his server port number. On coming back to the same server as the other player, they could see other fine.

I had a look for the post, cant seem to see it anywhere. Maybe this will sort it for you though.

I did see that post too, wasn’t sure if it would fix the problem with two different platforms, but can give it a try at some point. Thanks!