Crosswind Rudder & Aileron deflection issues

For starters, I am a real world pilot and the issues I am having here seem to be overly pronounced. Whether I am in a BARON, BONANZA or 172 etc, it seems as if the slightest crosswind of 5 knots or greater induces extreme uncontrollability in the aircraft.
Keeping the A/C on the runway centerline is impossible and pushing the rudder all the way to the stops, using aileron deflection and even using the BARONS twin engines to control ground yaw is useless. I have dinked around with the control sensitivity has no effect. Can anyone shed some light on this crosswind effect being overblown?


There’s a pretty spirited discussion here, and an opportunity for you to vote if this is an issue you’d like to see addressed.

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It’s mainly tied to the design decision to reduce max deflection of control surfaces as speeds increase to “simulate” increased forces. There’s other things as well but this is the big one.

If on PC open the flight_model.cfg file for your aircraft of choice, under [CONTACT POINTS] change the value of
min_available_steering_angle_pct to 1.0 and you should find crosswinds less of an issue with light winds.


Awesome. Thanks guys

I cannot find the file in the BARON. Is this because it is locked by Asobo? Where would the file be?

If you’re using the Microsoft Store/Game Pass version and it follows the same file structure as other planes, it should be your base MSFS folder → Official → OneStore-> Asobo-aircraft-baron-g58-> SimObjects-> Airplanes ->Asobo_Baron_G58, then the flight_model.cfg file will be in that folder.

From the C172 G1000 flight_model.cfg file it appears the default setting is 0.2:

min_available_steering_angle_pct = 0.2 ; Defines the percentage of steering which will always be available even above max_speed_decreasing_steering (in percent over 100).

So in effect your change increases the effect the rudder has when on the ground, is that correct?

By default as you increase speed on the takeoff roll the nose wheel steering maximum deflection will gradually reduce until the sim only gives you access to 20% of the full deflection. The speed this occurs at is normally lower than the speed the rudder reaches any real effectiveness.

Adjusting the value keeps you with access to the full nose wheel deflection throughout. It just means the steering is extremely sensitive at higher speeds.

I see. Then I wonder if this will be too sensitive in my case as I have both NWS and rudder assigned to my pedals. So as I’m using rudder at higher speeds, I will also be steering excessively…

This is such a big problem that I have stopped using MSFS 2020 on the Xbox. I just monitor this forum to see if a fix is going to be developed. No signs of that happening.

The weird thing is that I wanted to practice crosswind landings yesterday and the effect was nearly unnoticable.
I flew curcuits at EHLE rwy05 and put in a crosswind component at ground level and 500ft (circuit altitude) at 350@9kts gusting 14kts 5 times per minute (to mimic the circumstances in my training yesterday).
When I put in right rudder and left aileron on landing, the aircraft moved to the left. When I did not put in any controls, it flew straight.
So to my view the croswind effect seems to be totally nihilized.
I am flying AAU1 beta, if this matters.