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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

First of all to the moderators, feel free to delete this post, if you think, it’s inappropriate.

Maybe some of you guys, more likely the German, Austrian and Swiss part of our community, know about our site already.

We’re are a non-commercial, German FS-Newspage and started last month, just in time for the MSFS release.
Besides daily news, all about MSFS and other platforms, we also launched our “Release Radar”, to help the community, with an as up-to-date as possible list, of free- and payware products for MSFS.

You can find this list of aircraft, sceneries and tools here:

Even though, it’s completely in german, I guess it’s pretty self explanatory.

You can sort the list by country (Land) as well, as searching with the ISO code (GER for Germany, e.g.) of a country, via the search bar.

If you see something which is missing in our list, feel free to drop us an e-mail, via or fill out the contact form at the top.

Best regards,
Tobias Editor

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seems to be a nice site on the very first glance. and even with a decent and somewhat dsgvo conform cookie banner, haha.

bookmarked for now.

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@gvert A warm welcome to the forums.

You might like to see this topic where your site is listed: [GUIDE] Find catalogues of MSFS Addons

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Thank you :slight_smile:

We updated our Release Radar a bit. In the Szenerien section, you can now sort the entries, to have the newest ones, at the top :slight_smile:

Therefore, you just need to click the up/down arrows, on the left side of the grey header. Clicking these 2 times, should bring up all entries, designated as new.


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