CTD 0x80000003 after VR update

Hi, I am having consistent CTDs when loading complex airports (like JFK) with windows log error exception code: 0x80000003
Only started encountering this after the VR update.
This error always comes with a windows low virtual memory warning after, saying that mfs2020 consumed 26gigs worth of memory.

My specs are;
16gigs of RAM running at 3600 CL18 thru the XMP profile.
5600X CPU running at stock (via a BIOS with AGESA ComboV2 D which is stable on all my tests and games)
RTX 3080 with latest drivers and running an undervolt
…note the xmp and gpu undervolt were already set that way before the VR update and I never encountered a crash back then

MFS2020 is installed on an NVME SSD, my OS is not installed on the same drive.
It can also be noted that the “checking for update” part on startup has become very long at almost a minute, previously it only took an instant.

Would appreciate any assistance on this, thank you.

This error has been brought up many times. Here’s a search on it:
Search results for ‘0x80000003’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

Look at this one:

Thank you for the assistance.
May we request for a list of the “legacy drivers” installed by the VR update?
For us to safely pinpoint which unused drivers were incorrectly added by the VR update.

Hi, thanks again for the assistance.
I tried what was suggested on the post you have linked but the CTD persists.
Are there other solutions?

Based on that post, the VR update had installed incorrect “legacy drivers” that clearly had an effect on my computer. I am now worried that those drivers may introduce similar errors to my other programs besides msf2020…
May I request your assistance to pinpoint what these “legacy drivers” are for us to uninstall accordingly?

Hi All,

I was monitoring the RAM usage with RTSS and during the loadscreen, msf2020 does max out my 16gigs of ram. The error logs say that it needs to consume 23gigs of RAM so I manually set my page file max value to something higher than that and it didn’t crash anymore.

But this program has a system requirement of just 8gigs of RAM.
Is it normal that mine wants to use more than 16gigs?

I don’t think that’s minimum requirement has been updated for VR. Good thing to check on!

Make sure your Windows 10 paging file is setup. Those with 8 or 16 can benefit from that if they don’t have the physical RAM.

There are topics on the forum of how do to this, most are related for those with 8GB RAM but I think I’ve seen a few for those with 16GB. Do a search for “paging file”:
Search results for ‘paging file’ - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

There is also a duplicate topic of the same:

Also the FAQ (near bottom of this page under heading " INCREASE THE VIRTUAL MEMORY (PAGEFILE) ON YOUR SYSTEM"
How to troubleshoot crashes & CTDs – Microsoft Flight Simulator Support (zendesk.com)

Hi Hester,

As indicated on my previous post, manually setting up a page file to a value higher than what is indicated on the consumption warning has stopped the crashing.

What I understand on your post is VR may require more than 16gigs of physical system ram.
But I am not running VR… and the documented physical RAM requirements when mfs2020 (non-VR) was released is only 8gigs.

Ah, I see! I read the topic title wrong. I thought you were using VR. :crazy_face:

no… in each case you need overall 32Gig memory.
Please ensure that your pagefile setting offer that :slight_smile:

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