CTD 0xc0000005 with handleSEH in external view

I am having the exact same problem


And this happens systematicely during final approach of a return flight where I restarted my MSFS and PC when beginning the flight back. It happend now 3x on final approach exactly above the treshhold with the PMDG 737, GSX, and addon airports. Everything worked before, but it just happend a few weeks ago, I did not install anything new, everything is up to date.

I cannot fly now since I fear for this CTD so much and it really ruins the flight. I hope somebody can help.

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I can recreate this error/CTD religiously now. Nothing seems to help except not using any addons, which kind of defeats the purpose.

Flight plan:
Bob Maxwell Memorial Airfield
John Wayne Airport-Orange Count
KLAX w/ vectors to approach, usually 24L

If anyone at Asobo would like to test or gather more data with a recreatable flight, I’m happy to help.

System is high-end. i13-900K, 4090, 64Gb RAM, all NVMe drives, hardline network w/1G.


I think we are having the same crashes here…

totally random, sound freezes, picture too, 10-15 seconds and crash to desktop.
mostly while panning in the inside/outside view
no cause, no patterns, totally annoying.

I have it mostly while flying high (>FL150) and IFR and I have some hot-spot areas in Europe, but they can occure at any time, anywhere inflight. had them also sometimes while VFR.

my guess is - flightplan/navigation related or/and server based or/and something with the bing scenery loadings

I had some flights where I had 5 CTD’s in a row, I loaded them exactly the same. then, the next day I could succeed without changing anything

since february I changed my GPU, motherboard, RAM modules. I did a complete game reinstall and switched every known thing at least once off and on, inside and outside the game …

vote the topics up, report, keep up your voice so Asobo deals with the problem! thank you

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yeah im having the same issues but mine started with the SU13 patch around beginning of october.

If i compare: I had about 5 crashes from january to october and since the SU13 at beginning of october until now I had about 50 crashes

It seems that downgrading NVIDIA driver version fixed the CTD for me.

I flew the exact same route with exact same procedures as before, this time, no crash. Lets hope it stays the same for in the future.

fingers crossed, I made this roll back twice, worked also for a couple of flights, then the CTD’s came back

I tried the same as mentioned. Last time I’ve loaded Cessna Longitude and crashed after 5 minutes on stand, which is strange. Stack and log are the same. So, even driver makes the difference, for me it stays literally the random issue.

Yes it means something. I started to have this new type of CTD yesterday, not after Nvidia update but after a Windows 11 update (KB5033375). Prior to SU14 I had the same textures to delete figures (something insane like you in the range of Petas). After SU14 and Nvidia update everything worked well for a week. However after Windows update I started to have CTDs both at world map and when trying to switch to external view since the very first flight and everywhere. I never ever had that CTD before when trying to go to external view. The CTDs are now reproduced everyday, several times per day, so basically as before with SU13. In addition to this now the logs drop that textures to delete figure is much lower but is a negative value:


Latest Windows KB is supposed to fix some memory issues even if they should not be applicable in our case, among other seconday things which are clearly not relevant for us. Latest Nvidia update did not change anything significant for MSFS that could result in CTDs I would say. Nvidia update came one day before the Windows update indeed and I had no issues at all while flying with it, nor at world map not elsewhere.

Draw your own conclussions but I see a clear cause-effect. It’s a matter of time that more users (even the ones with AMD boards) start to see the CTDs too as soon as that KB is installed on their systems.


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for some of us this was working! gold luck!

Windows 11 CTD: uninstall update KB5033375 and disable windows update for 2 weeeks, every flight i made i got CTD after 20 minutes, now is working again…

I had these crashes before the windows update (0xc0000005), and after too. For me, changing the exe.xml got rid of the CTD’s

Hello to all, after latest world update xvi I’m having CTDs in every flight. Sometimes mid-flight, sometime during approach with the same error (0xc0000005). I have the latest nvidia drivers and my windows are updated. I don’t know what to do. It’s very frustrating because this ruins every flight. I don’t know if the last update is to blame but I hope it will be fixed soon as it’s been 4 months since I’ve been flying with msfs and I’ve only had one CTD and now it’s happening all the time…

Thank you in advance!!

I had a crash last week and today, the crazy thing is that I had a crash (0xC0000005) in the 737 pmdg in the fmc when I wanted to set a holding the sim crashed.
Today in the loading screen I had a crash with the same error code 0xC0000005

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This is also now a constant for me since Caribbean update. Mainly in PMDG and mostly as soon as scenario loads.

Anyone know what local folders I can delete to have the sim start as new? aside from empty community… I ask since I browsed the local files and find folders for sceneries and planes I uninstalled years ago…

For me the CTD:s began February 6
I fly almost only VR
Did try safe mode(Add ons exluded) and turned off a lot of programs including Navigraph and GSX
Ensured latest graph driver
Fkying Asobo a320
And yes,


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Yeah, I believe that clearly because of the last update. I’ve seen quite a few users reporting continuous CTDs since then. I hope that with SU15 this will be fixed

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After I had received a new fast internet access, I had a lot of CTDs during flights. Because at about the same time some Windows and FS updates were delivered, the correlation was not clear at first.

Factors that increased the probability of a CTD were:

  • Flying in bad live weather
  • Group flights with friends
  • Switching from internal to external view and panning

Changing the network adapter speed to 100mbps/full duplex was the solution. Since then I had no CTDs at all so far.

This thread (posted above) lead me to the solution:


My system:

Ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB 3200MHz, 1000GB SSD, RTX 2070 Super, 3840x1200 (32:10), CH Products Yoke/Thrustmaster Pedals//VKB Gladiator NXT/Logitech Throttle, FS MS Store version, Nvidia 551.52, Win10 22H2
Network: Internet ~780Mbps down, ~480Mbps down, Realtek Gaming GbE @1Gbps full duplex / Intel(R) Wi-Fi 6 AX200 160MHz