CTD after clicking on ATC popup windew

Hey guys! I apologize way in advance as this has probably been talked about or reported already, but it has been a month since this has been happening and I do not think it has been resolved but every time when I try to click on the ATC to come up as it’s own window on my second monitor, the game just freezes instantly and causes me to have to restart it. Get’s kind of annoying having to restart and reprogram the FMGS from start. Already submitted a ticket but anybody else have this issue?

There’s a button on the ATC window that will bring it back to the in-sim window. Have you tried pushing it?

I have tried everything, but the sim is completely frozen up. No dice on trying to get the sim to respond at all. It’s like I said, I mostly have to restart the sim completely. I tried different aircrafts, locations, lowering my graphic setting to see if that would help but it still crashes.

You don’t have mods installed, right? flying completely vanilla.

Only mods I have is the FlybyWire A32Nx and navigraph navdata. I deleted those and tried running it without it but it was also no dice. Tried to check my drivers and system but everything is up to date and I am not overclocked or anything that would cause a bottleneck.

I have also noticed that my sim likes to CTD when I have the ATC window popped out to another monitor. It seems that this crashes the NVIDIA driver because I am getting errors in the Event Viewer at the exact time of CTD.

I have not tried to see if the problem is still there lately, but I might give it a try to see maybe if it was the drivers. Currently updating as of now.