CTD after Connection Reestablished message pops up

Hey all, wanted to make a post here before I send a ticket to Zendesk to confirm this is a thing.

I have noticed that the Connection Lost error is a thing at the moment. Seen that the team is working on that.
Anyways, I was flying on Vatsim just now, and I had a sim crash. I saw that the screen froze while a Connection Reestablished error was visible (I’m not sure what the exact text was, but it’s something like that). After that, sim crash. I’m on version, Steam Version. I am running some addons, which could of course also be the issue of the CTD…
I can provide crash log, but I honestly have no idea where I’d find those :man_shrugging:

Let me know if anyone else experiences this issue. Hopefully it will be fixed in the same hotfix as the one for the connection error.