CTD after CTD after CTD...repeat

Have an old 4790k w/ 32gb ram and 1070 Graphics card. Started crashing for the first time for me after the latest hotfix. Removed all liveries and mods from the community folder. No more crashing, I have the Steam version of the sim. If any of this info helps.

I’m also crashing to desktop a few minutes after departure almost every time. Was working fine before the latest patch. Haven’t fully tested it yet but seems to be during IFR flights after ATC assigns an approach.

Okay thank you I’ll give it a try.
You said you didn’t have msfs2020?
See, we both have difference simulators installed right now. Seems like people are having CTD’s even with XMP off.

It better.
Asus Rog Maximus XII Hero

You misunderstood. I said I found out I had to increase RAM voltage when playing XP11 Vulkan (long time ago - my PC i9-9900k is also slightly overclocked ). The Vulkan version also stressed the PC more. Of course I have FS2020 ( now version rc6 :grin:) - and no CTD’s since launch date.
Some people indeed do have CTD’s but did you not say (several posts) that yours only started after increasing RAM speed and have now stopped after reducing again? I would still recommend PC stress testing always after CPU/RAM/GPU change, especially if you have crashes.
Good luck with the testing

Appreciate the reply, did you then readd them in or just leave the folder blank?

Folder blank all deleted from Hard-drive. I have since added one mod that has not crashed my system and that is the latest A32NX mod. Think there is serious issues with liveries and the latest patch.

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I stopped using my logi panels weeks ago. There was so much going wrong with the sim, it seemed a variable too far. I also use spad.next for my logi x52 pro kit and even that is up and down in performance like an Asobo A320 at altitude…

I just completed a 1 hour flight and no CTD what so ever.
Ummm I’ll give it a try again with XMP

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There is also a “middle ground” for your ram. Maybe it doesn’t like operating right at the edge at 3600MHz. Try setting it at 3000 or 3200MHz.

Good idea! I wasn’t aware of the middle ground. I will start with 3200mhz and if it’s unstable I’ll lower it to 3000mhz.
It’s pretty disappointing that we pay for a 3600mhz ram and we can’t utilize it 100%

Yeah but ask yourself how often you take your Porsche 718 to its top speed…

Yeah you’re right. I’ll start off at 3200mhz like @FlyinMousaka746 mentioned.

That seems to have resolved the issue, hopefully a fix soon…thank you!

I have 2 Payware sceneries that cause CTD’s. They cause me CTD’s maybe not for everyone, but they are LFOU & EGTB Airports, they both cause repeatable CTD’s if I fly near them or try to load at them.

Now I know others may not get a CTD with these 2 Airports, but I do. Remove all add-ons from your Community / Official and check. If that yields results put back stuff bit by bit and check,.

Or easier just load at every airport or in every area where you have add-ons

I’ll give that a try. My last CTD was in the payware San Diego. In payware KPDX I had no issues at all.
But then again I was still on XMP when I had my CTD, now I reverted back to default in bios and had no CTD in today’s flight.
But once again I’ll try out my payware airports with XMP disabled.

I am having the same issue as you CTD before i can get into the aircraft and once in a blue moon if i get into the aircraft i get a CTD within 5 mins of flying. I hope they sort it out soon as its getting very annoying.

RAM issue. Change it and yall see… if you can waste that much money on a 3090 an added pack of 32GB of solid DDR4 should be in the budget! :blue_heart:

Ditto. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it! While it is tempting to upgrade for higher frame rates, or to use add-ons, I’m perfectly content with sticking with what currently works. Haven’t had a CTD yet (desktop and laptop)… knock on wood!

I added 64gb of ram ddr4
Found out my ram speed was at 2133mhz
Went into BIOS and changed my profile to XMP-I
MSFS crashed
Went back in BIOS and changed it to XMP-II
MSFS crashed 4x
Idk if it was that or either the payware sceneries causing the CTDs

Went back into BIOS and reverted it back to default.
Loaded the sim on a default airport and no CTD