CTD after enabling vr in flight after wu4

Community folder empty
Worked before
Now, when enabling vr in flight throws error (if vr is enabled before flight, no error is displayed just CTD);

No oc.

PC specs; 5600x + RX6800xt, 32GB mem, G2 headset

have you checked pagefile setting ? how is your current setting related to this ?

It was set to Auto, 4891 or something like that. Should I increase it or disable?

yeah… at least a test is it worth :)… May be set it like min 8gig and Max 32Gig … and dont forget to ensure that is enough free space on disc. It happens often that users have issue because low free space on disc.

Thanks, it seemd to work. For now at least. I increased it to 30000.

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