CTD after pressing FLY at any northeast France airport, even in safe mode - SOLVED

This is weird. I can’t start a flight at any airport in northeast France I’ve tried, other regions are fine. CTD after pressing Fly. Can you please try to start a flight at LFSN to see if the problem is on my end ?
Safe mode, or empty community folder doesn’t help. Neither live weather or presets.

Yes. LFSN CTD after pressing FLY.

Now I know it’s not on my end. Thanks for trying !

It is working for me. I was even able to take off there.

Not sure if it will help but I used to get a lot of crashes to the desktop. In fact, after 20 attempts to just install the base game as it kept restarting my pc, I ended up downloading it on another pc and transferring it over. However, after reading a lot of posts about crashes, etc, I came across a random post which said to install the English US speech pack in windows and after doing so, I haven’t had a CTD again.

Thanks, I have it working now too. Maybe a server side issue, or any of the last two things I’ve tried solved it, updating windows to 21H2, and deleting content.xml.
It was not only LFSN, any airport around, even one in Germany at about 40 NM I can’t remember, and CTD after pressing Fly. Then successfully started two flight but CTD midflight, LMFL to LEBL, and ETNT to ETNL. Already had the English US speech pack installed.

This was on Asobo/Microsoft end. Flights now work for me without any changes on my PC.