CTD after Sim Update 3 (

I managed to update successfully yesterday but when i tried the sim today on any flight i get CTD. Also I have the Deluxe version and paid aircraft like Carenado MR20 and Nemeth A103 as well as the standard C172 Classic do not appear in the hangar. The ingame manager does not show that anything is missing and the marketplace is grayed Any ideas will be more than welcome. This is the first time I have a CTD since I installed the MSFS in Aug 2020.

Hi @TippiestElm8724,
I have moved your topic into #bugs-and-issues:performance as this area is for what you are describing.

One thing to check or do, is sign out of any xbox app you may have installed, then sign back in. Also you can check manually Windows 10 updates as well as MS Store updates. This last update coincided with a Windows 10 cumulative update.

Thank you Hester40MT,
I have been trying all options. I do not use the PC for Xbox apps although the sign appears when I log into MSFS

This update has 2 updates. First one is normal (about 1GB from the client - MS Store/Steam) then an in-game. After that, exit from MSFS and check the client again. There should have been another 1GB and another in-game (this was for liveries). Then check the Content Manager to see if all is updated.

RE: Xbox sign in - If this is prompting to sign in and you can’t due to the cursor will not go in it, try ALT-ENTER on that screen.

This is interesting as I noticed at the time that it did only 1 update from MS Store but I was not prompted to do the in-game one. So perhaps this has created an issue? How can I re-download both updates? thanks.

Check Windows 10 Updates first. Then re-start your PC.
Sometime also just restarting your PC will make the MS Store work again as that forces the update services to recycle.

Unfortunately no luck so far.
I get into the sim but the Market place is grayed and the in-game updater does not show anything missing whilst clearly the C175 Classic is not there. The Carenado definitely not there and the content manager shows space used as 34.28 GIB and I am certain prior to the last update it was more than that. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated. The PC is up to date and no antivirus on this purely Sim rig.

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Well it is finally corrected. Full uninstall and re-install about 7 hours with all add-ons.
The problem was the XBox link for those with digital license. Be aware that the XBox Home /Game Pass must be present and synchronized. really annoying for someone like me that never used Xbox or likely to use but need to have on for the Sim.

The sim required you to register an account for XBox for Windows. XBox is not only the console, but actually an entire branding family of products under Microsoft. It’s called XBox for Everyone.

In any case, that account authorizes you to run the sim and connect to XBox Live Gaming Services - which streams the scenery, weather, traffic etc., that makes the sim more immersive.

Hence, XBox for Windows is a requirement for you every time you launch the sim.

While doing a “just-in-case” check of the Store Updates my system downloaded an update for Xbox Gaming Services, which wasn’t there an hour earlier. I had been having poor performance issues but, apart from a couple of addons that no longer work, everything now seems to be okay. may of course be coincidental, but worth checking as I’ve had problems with the Gaming Services app before.

Because you purchased the sim through MS-Store/GamePass, it’s now a good practice to check MS-Store for Updates regularly. Unfortunately, the authentication/authorization process by buying the sim from MS directly is a bit convoluted compared to Steam users like me. I only have to worry about Steam and XBox being up, and Steam will always push updates down first before attempting to launch the MS-Installer/Sim.

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