CTD after using Windows Game Overlay FPS counter

Hi everyone, i never had a CTD since i started using Windows Game Overlay FPS counter, it made sim CTD after a random time. Whitout opening it, i had no crash, so i can assume Windows overlay made something bad to MSFS. Did anyone experienced that?

Presumably you mean the Xbox game overlay? … I don’t use it but I suggest making sure your Windows, windows store apps and gpu drivers are all up to date and any other such overlays are disabled (e.g. GeForce, Afterburner etc.). For Steam the advice is similar, avoid mixing and matching.

Exactly, it’s what i meant, with no overlay running, just had several hours of happly fly with no crashes. I couldn’t agree more to what you said!

I use the xbox gamebar but have all of the video recording options turned off as the xbox video features were not stable sometimes.

Did you had some CTD?

That was a good while ago so my memory is not recalling exactly what the instability was. I do know I’ve read elsewhere that turning xbox gamebar video recording off was recommended practice for better stability/performance on older MSFS releases.

Good to know