CTD after world update 6

Since I installed latest world update 6, I get constant CTD. Before, I didn`t get CTD. And yes, I have the latest drivers for my grafic/videocard…and all up to date content available on the content manager.
The sim only works in safe mode, now.
Do I miss something, which I should have done? :thinking:

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They supposed to have a hotfix this week. Hopefully it makes things better.

I hope so. I tried the same flight with the same parameters etc. in safe mode, and guess what happens…, CTD again :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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you are not alone. i CTD too. before it was all good

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:grinning:thanks for letting me know…funny though, didn`t have any CTD today, but instead my joystick and throttle are not working properly. I think, we urgently need a kind of hotfix or another update, since things are not getting better :joy:

Did you clear the rolling cache? Have you tried disabling it entirely? On another thread, someone suggested this might solve the CTDs in certain situations.

I’m still in the process of testing, so please don’t take this as gospel, but I was experiencing sporadic and random CTDs with the latest Nvidia driver 471.96. I rolled back my driver to 471.41 and (knock on wood) I haven’t had a CTD in 2 days.

You are not alone. Same thing for me along with a various number of other problems.

Well, I did clear the rolling catch in the past…as last year having had the same issue…but after world update 3 everthing seems to be fine…so I dont think clearing the rolling catch will do any good. Like I said, havent had a CTD today yet, but will try to test the sim on another flight in “normal mode”, we will see whether it`s stable or not :innocent:

If the sim only works in „safe mode“ , than a mod is most likely the problem. The safe mode means that it just disabled any mod installed manually in the community folder or installed via the ingame store.
I suggest to install one mod at a time and try to isolate the faulty mod…

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Of course there are many more reasons why MSFS might crash. But clearing the cache is one of the easiest things to try - if there’s corrupted data in the cache, this can sometimes be enough to solve the issue.

It is not the rolling cache nor is it the nVidia driver.

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CTD … CTD … always. I have a great PC and no addons installed. If you find the solution, share it. It’s very frustrating for an old pilot (A real one!)

After I updated everything in the Content manager after WU6, I couldn’t even get into the main screen, it would CTF 10 seconds after checking for updates. I deleted the Orbix London and the Drzewiecki Washington DC content (they were NOT in the Community folder…I found them elsewhere) and now it runs great again.

So just deleting the community folder isn’t always enough.

Same for me. Suddenly in flight the sound cuts for a second and the picture stands still. Then I crash to windows desktop. Glad I am not alone and I hope a patch will come soon.

I do understand your frustration- the same applies to me. To be honest, I don`t think there is a solution to share because I have ruled out every option I could think of. After I installed the latest packages (standard and deluxe edition which are available in the sim itself ( content and downlaod manager)-CTD dissapearred but instead I have trouble ATC running correctly.
So I think, it is the update itself and what comes with it…so be patient…it will be fixed , probably, within the next few days (I hope).

I had them with 471.41 so I updated to .96 yesterday. We’ll see.

Yeah I had a CTD yesterday in my first full flight after WU6, flying from Cambridge (EGSC) to Shoreham ( EGKA). It happened about 30 mins into the flight

Isn’t that funny :rofl:

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CTD almost every flight, world update 6 and latest Windows/Nvidia installed. Possibly an add on? It’s the time it takes to troubleshoot if it’s an add on, but users also report issues with Community folder empty. I’m hoping a MSFS service update will rectify the issues?