CTD after world Update IV on a regular route

I fly this GA route regular (I did it real life many years ago on trip from the UK to France not the departure airport but not too far away) never had CTD in this area, dont really have any unless I am messing around the Garmins, no add-scenery. See the image, wondering if anyone else flies in this area. The end of the dashed black line is where it crashed.

No I did not crash. Thank you for this pln This is one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

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Heck I’m stuck on the checking for updates screen. No flying for me

No worries and I am glad your sim is not crashing.

Sorry to hear that. Hope it sorts itself out.

I have a another really beautiful route, in northern Italy I used to fly with an Italian airline pilot ( i was not flying, he was PIC). I am happy to plot it out for you, and can upload it as a .plan file, or just share the route with you

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Thanks I very much enjoy new places to fly.

Somehow MSFS doesn’t like overclock and it would likely cause CTDs.
In case you have your CPU or GPU overclocked, make sure to disable them.

Many thanks dude. I dont have any Over clocks, I have never been able to keep my system stable in the past when doing it, so I stopped doing that a few years ago.

Ok here is the Route
I am sure it is not 100% accurate but it is roughly how it was. A beautiful flight around the lakes of Northern Italy.

Here is an overview:

Take off from LIME in a GA plane of your choice either runway 12 or 30
I have had to use User way points as it was VFR (high alt) I am not sure you would get away with it in real life any more lol but anyway, if you cross the mountains you would need Oxygen. but its VFR so you can go around.

Here is the Plan file:
VFR Orio Al Serio (LIME) to Valerio Catullo (LIPX).pln (4.6 KB)

This is a private Island owned so I have been told by one of Hollywood’s most famous Actors

Look out for that :slight_smile:

I lived in this town for 7 Years

you will then pass over the beautiful and famous Lake Garda

en route to LIPX.

Just as an FYI both airports can be bought in the market place or one on is and one is on OrbX I think if you want to make it more realistic visually, but they are not needed at all.

Have fun!

Thanks so much! Can’t wait to try it out.

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Another beautiful spot. Thanks again

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