CTD all of a sudden and haven't changed a thing

I also come from Logitech to that horrible ICue. Some hints: I created profiles and stored it onto the keyboard itself ( internal memory ). I removed all the default dashboards in that software. I disabled all that Corsair Services ( I know, these app is ranting then , but I ignore that ). So, I never have a crash of these software and it need then “only” 200MB RAM.

Nahimic is an old topic… it caused for lots of users crashs if the sound drivers are outdated. I manualy remove that thing ( needs some tricks ) and also all these best-of Asus-Sound-tools. At least you can try to disable Nahimic service, but our experiance was: it will be reenabled from time to time from “some what”.

And yep… allways do a windows cleanup from time to time. Also, you should some time Restart windows ( not simple shutdown ). Disabling Fastboot ( extended energy setttings ) can also fix strange issues. The “sfc” and “dism” should you do if you had e.g. a BSOD ( sometime also only a restart, without the “blue screen” :wink: ).

You can also cleanup from time to time MSFS AppData folder. May be not necessary, but I do it some times and in case of issues, it helped some users ( example 1070 amp extreme ctd on every loading nvlddmkm - #8 by MichaMMA ) ( note: content.xml should since Su10 no longer matter, so far I know )

And now, good luck with the test flights :slight_smile:

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