CTD beech Bonanza

CTD beech Bonanza after WU 6, at FL 8500, thr RPM went down to 0. I send photo after crash

Im far more concerned about the scenery on the left of the image. What is going on there?!

Are you upside down, and under the ground?

This is a plane crash scenario, right? Not the sim crashing back to the desktop i.e. a CTD?

I am upside down and this is a plane crash scenario.

Right, so this isn’t about CTD’s, where the simulator itself has crashed, rather the plane you are flying.

If you look at the bottom left of the MFD, you can see one of your fuel tanks is close to being drained, the left tank. I suspect you ran out of fuel because you didn’t switch fuel tanks, and crashed. There is always a small amount unusable fuel in each tank, so the engine can still cut out if you have fuel in the tank. The amount you cannot use will differ from plane to plane.

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