CTD crash to desktop when entering flight plan within game and "duplicates found" appears next to airport ICAO code

Hello all. I have a consistent crash to desktop when I enter some information in the flight plan while in the aircraft (not while in the menu before you fly):

For example the below is 100% consistent and happens “every time”:

(a) From menu create flight plan I select either the icon aircraft or any other.
(b) From airport of Syros to airport of Mikonos
© Live weather or any other preset.
(d) within game I go to the garmin gps (any one within different aircraft: it doesn’t matter).
(e) I remove the departure airport waypoint and the destination airport waypoint.
(f) I go to menu, press flight plan and at the destination airport I enter a new airport by selecting LGML. So far so good. I do not press enter and I can see that in the garmin, next to LGML, the airport is recognized as Milos (not Mikonos: I entered a diferrent airport). If you press enter here it works fine (I think).
(g) However, before pressing enter at the (f) above, I press clear instead or go out by pressing menu and then I go in the garmin again.
(h) At this stage, the original flight plan has already been deleted (per (f) above).
(i) However, when I start entering the airport letters in again as the departure airport flightplan, LGML, then “DUPLICATES FOUND” appears to the right of LGML! Then, when I press enter, it crashes to desktop!

Any thoughts?