CTD crash to desktop

CTD its big problem i have always ctd in su12 and my friends have a same problem…ctd crash to desktop ,very bad problem .please fix
ctd when taxi .ctd when climing.ctd when cold and dark.ctd on ground .ctd on final approach

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Have you tried emptying your Community folder?

yes but not fix

You could try reducing all Settings to lowest. If that helps increase them individually. Tedious but might help.

Moved to #community-support for community assistance.

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I did it but it didn’t work and my friends have a same problem…

Are you and your friends all on the same Server?

No different server

I’m out of ideas. I truly hope you get this solved, it is such an amazing flight sim when it is working properly. Good luck.

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Thanks bro

Have you tried clearing your shader cache and rolling cache? You clear the rolling cache by deleting it and then recreating it, then restart the sim. Hope it helps :+1:

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Start with this official checklist for your issue:

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have a big problem, and my friends have same problem, it’s problem has CTD always when flight positions and crashing close sim to desktop And this is a common problem ctd :person_facepalming:t2: very bad bug … And I tried different solutions but it didn’t work fix crash to desktop close simulator…We are not hopeful with fix :disappointed: I wish Microsoft would follow up and fix these problems with update hotfix… Please report to Microsoft. Thanks

and nothing is mentioned within the feedback topics for SU 12 Beta about ?

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