CTD during Update

Had the issue where it said Mandatory Update and then would send me to the store. Sorted that by downloading XBox app.

Next I launch the game in Admin mode, goes to install manager and shows a 2.67GB update, got to around 2GB and crashed. Try to but it up and says it needs repairing in store. So I repair it.

Then I get the install manager and says 500mb update, click Get Update, CTD straight away, everytime, even in safe mode.

Community folder is empty.

Any suggestions?

Top support!

now… we are the community, not the support… and lots of us are just borried to ask allways the same things, in special because users not use the issue template.

As example: what you allready tried from FAQ, by your sefl, etc… have you programms running in parallel ( like process-lasso or other useless “optimization” tools ). Whats your system specs, free disc space, may be the error message from windows event viewer, erc…