CTD@ FSDT KORD during loading screen

Loading up any aircraft and the sim crashes at the loading screen but its only happening when I select KORD. Every other airport no issues and the scenery is up to date!


Similar for me tonight … <:( Not possible start MSFS with KORD without CTD at the start screen procedure ! :frowning:

FSDT or PM version? I sent FSDT a message on their forums.In the meantime I have not found a solution.Only thing I can do is remove it.

Also FSDT …

At all times, 15 years in simulation, FSX or P3D, I’ve always had problems with FSDT, it’s a “Gaz factory” because of it’s Coualt script, and the guy from Virtulay, we can’t say that he is nice to solve them, it’s never is his fault !

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Yep I also have heard about their track record with dealing with customers and the things I heard were not not nice.
I even emptied my community folder and the issue is still there. The fact its happening with no other addon Its definitely their scenery. Looks like no more KORD flights for now.

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Now, … I entry in KORD without CTD …
After 6 X CTD at the start screen, I tried start, not cold and dark at gate, but directly on the runway, and I not have CTD … After that ? I tried again start at gate, and it’s OK !
What’s I change … nothing :woozy_face:!

I will install it again and see what happens. It was working great for me all of yesterday. Server/data related? Not sure.

Some time, it not necessary install again, just run “FSDT Live Update” and this program verify your files ! If some files are wrong, this programm install the correct files !
This area are big, Chicago in Photogrametry + big airport … that’s also hard for our computer ! All this datas in Chicago area, yes that’s also possible and reason we are difficult start this airport !
Also, put on On the “Skip Pre-Flight Cinematics” option in the Options/General/Accessibility menu !
That’s give a little air at the start situation for the heavy areas !

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At all times, 15 years in simulation, FSX or P3D, I’ve always had problems with FSDT, it’s a “Gaz factory” because of it’s Coualt script

There’s no “Couatl script” in MSFS, and there’s no “FSDT software” running in any FSDT MSFS scenery, and they are plain and simple .BGL files that are just dumped in the Community folderm, or the Official, if bought on the MS Marketplace .

Seems to be working atm.I am at the gate.Fingers crossed it doesn’t CTD again and the second time I loaded it CTD again!

I think the origin of the problem came by the Jetways folder, But not sure at this time … I have some doubts about the “SODE Jetways” use by “Umberto” …
" fsdreamteam-airport-kord-chivago-ohare / landmarks "
If I isolate the folder “landmarks”, I Start without CTD … If I replace this folder, I reproduce the CTD …
It is possible test this solution ?
In your “fsdreamtem-airport-kord-chicago-ohare” airport folder go in “SimObjects” folder, and just move “landmarks” folder to another place ( desk or an another empty folder outside MSFS ) … just for test and see if KORD start on your system without CTD if you isolate this folder which contains the KORD jetways !

Ok will do a quick test.

It doesn’t crash but its frozen on the loading screen and it just ctd

And since there’s no SODE in MSFS, the problem cannot obviously that one. It seems you continue to make assumptions how the sceneries are made basing how they used to be in P3D. They aren’t. KORD in P3D is an extremely complex, tricky and fully of custom code product, the MSFS version can’t be simpler, plain .BGL, no special features, no extra software running.

I really hope you don’t think they are “SODE jetways”, just because they are named as such, they have these names since it was simpler to manage the P3D and the MSFS version of the source models, but they are 100% native MSFS jetways.

Nobody ever reported a CTD before, and it’s a scenery that is being out since September last year, and of course it always came with custom (but standard) jetways and nothing has changed ever since so, clearly, it must be something that has changed in the sim or in your configuration.

Of course, as usual, I always take every report seriously, and I always test something before saying something. Here’s KORD loading normally:

Even if I made a video of a single loading, I tried 3 times in a row, never a crash.

That was by incident ignore that

The thing is the scenery sometimes loads and other times ctd.
I bought it directly from FSDT
I have KEYW and KSDF with no issues.
Reinstalled,run the live update and nothing is working.
Not getting CTDs anywhere else

I’m not write SODE are use in MSFS, but you are nomed your jetways files SODE … That’s just for this I write “SODE Jetways” … I was not referring to a use of the SODE program !
What’s change … nothing exept an ASOBO update every 15 days … and befor the last update, yes KORD start without problem …
Then, now just hope some other customers have the same problem … or waiting DRZEWIECKI DESIGN vesion !!!
If I have a similar problem to another airport, I undestrand the origin are probably on our computer, but that’s affect only your KORD add-onn , any other airport are ok !!!

Now, I’m sorry but that’s 3h13 in the morning in Europe … I go sleep

Yes the fact that it only happens at KORD that’s the issue and it’s been crashing a lot since after the hotfix.
Maybe because I bought it directly from their site and that was months ago where it ran with no issues.
Wonder if the outcome would be different if I had bought via marketplace otherwise atm its useless.

You just made my point.

Nothing has been changed in the SDK and nowhere is said scenery developers are supposed to change anything in sceneries that worked fine before.

I hope I don’t have to remind you about all times a simulator update caused issues with products that are 100% fine:

  • The issue with taxiway lights all spread around the airports, caused by a change in the simulator code which broke backward compatibility. Fixed by Asobo in a later fix, without requiring any changes to the affected sceneries.

  • The issue with Projected Meshes ( used for custom ground textures ) making the sim CTD on airports that use 3 or more of them. Fixed by Asobo in a later fix, without requiring any changes to the affected sceneries.

  • The issue with WASM modules crashing the sim at start. - Fixed by Asobo in a later fix, without requiring any changes to the affected products that required a WASM module to work.

And no, it’s not “the only airport that crashes”, just looking at this forum now, I can see threads opened about crashes at:


And these are only the most recent threads.