CTD@ FSDT KORD during loading screen

At this rate I give up.No wonder why folks complained about their customer service! What I wish we had is more scenery alternatives! I will be uninstalling the scenery and probably just installed back the PM version.

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I do the same and also for their CYVR with similar problem !
I prefer a default KORD that works and for CYVR I bought the version distributed by ORBX, works fine !
Where are find the PM version about KORD ???

You have to own the PM Deluxe version of the sim but there you go it works fine although the performance is worse than FSDT at least it works!!!

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O.k. Thanks, I not the Deluxe version, only standard … then, I’m wait the best job about Drzewiecki, but when, I dont no !

Yep the CYVR from ORBX works great. Clearly FSDT stuff has issues after these updates. I have KSDF Lucky that’s not crashing.

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An update for both CYVR and KORD with no AI parking codes is out now, on the FSDT Live Update for everyone affected to test.

AMEN :pray: :pray:

I just tried after this update, some starting situations and I no longer managed to reproduce the CTD at startup !
These AI parking codes seem to be the cause ! Thank’s …

SOLVED for me! :upside_down_face: I hope also for you MLTAVIATOR99

About to reinstall my keeping fingers crossed!

Curiously enough, after many months of using the FSDT KORD without issue, I started getting CTDs from the loading screen whenever I tried to load into a gate. Tried with multiple aircraft and multiple start locations, both with and without a flight plan.

Even went to the extent of deleting my deluxe content just in case the Asobo KORD was causing the issue (but I see from a separate thread it shouldn’t be necessary to do this)

I was using it last week OK, although that was to do circuits and I started on a runway.

Now about to try starting on an runway and see if that works. [Edit: it didn’t. Getting support from FSDT]