CTD in World Map!?

The problem still persists – CTD when clicking “Ready to Fly” under World Maps Free flight

I followed the instructions related to local steam cache by deleting the folder
D:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\userdata\myusernumber\1250410\

  1. Disabled Steam Cloud → Started MSFS → World Map Free Flight → Successful circuit flight on a stock Cessna 152 → Closed MSFS
  2. Enabled Steam Cloud → Started MSFS → World Map Free Flight → CTD

It may be a bug on how Steam/MSFS writes these config files which MSFS can’t read properly. Formatting, encoding, or file matching error perhaps?

Prior to the Steam Cloud procedure, I performed the following:

  1. Deleted input customization in-game, all in default settings - keyboard, mouse, Honeycomb Alpha and Bravo, Thrustmaster T-Rudder, Hotas 4, and T.16000M
  2. Uninstalled Add-ons FSUIPC, Space Desk, Better Bravo Lights
  3. Disabled online functions - maps, traffic, weather
  4. Deleted/disabled Rolling Cache and Manual Cache
  5. Switched between DX11 and 12
  6. Enabled/disabled Vsync, DLSS, Antialiasing
  7. Moved Community Folder contents
  8. Deleted Content.XML and folders DCE, SceneryIndex, SceneryCache in user App data/Roaming folder
  9. Cleared all pending Windows Updates
  10. Checked /etc/hosts file for entries
  11. Updated NVIDIA Drivers to 517.4 - Also switched from Game Ready to Studio
  12. Updated Gigabyte BIOS to f62

All ended up in CTD, even in Safe Mode.

I replied to a Bug Report related to this error as well – CTD, but only when in World Maps

BTW, I was able to restore my logs by overwriting the files in the \userdata folder using the backup I made before disabling online sync.