CTD just before touchdown

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CTD just before touchdown, game crashed on final approach.

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Start flight, try to land at Farnborough (no ILS used)

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Xbox Series S

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SU9 and beyond.

Just about to land on a 1h flight in the C25C and just before touchdown, ctd… displays also stopped working mid flight. Useless.

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Hello @JobAutodrop,

Since you’re on Xbox, it would be very helpful to the development team if you opted in to the new beta build that sends enhance crash log data back to the devs so they can better diagnose and resolve CTDs such as this. Details on how to join the beta are here:



@SeedyL3205 Just to clarify, us on PC are ■■■■ out of luck? Why is this only for Xbox?

This particular beta build is specifically to help diagnose crashes on Xbox.

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PC has the same amount of crashes, will PC also get a build to allow extended telemetry?

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PCs are merely an afterthought at this point. Ever since XBox was released they have done next to nothing for PC.

DX12?….nothing….we might get something in SU10 but I bet good money it’ll be labelled beta and buggy af.

XBox gets hot fixes and betas and teams dedicated to it. It’ll be an ever lasting thing to squeeze the sim into console no matter the cost. Pc gets to pick up the scraps if we are lucky

I think work is being done where it needs it.