CTD Midwest USA

Hey guys,

Here’s a weird one. I flew the TBM from Germany via. Ireland, Iceland, Canada to Quincy Baldwin-Regional in Illinois. I’m trying to fly to aspen from there. But the sim CTD’s every time I reach cruise altitude. In none of the other flights before it has crashed. But this is the same every time. I tried like 5 times with different aircraft. I don’t know what’s wrong. Every other direction I fly the sim is stable. But as soon as I go west from KUIN it crashes. Has someone else experienced the same? Is there something wrong with the scenery maybe?

I’m using the working title g3000 mod and the TBM mod. But as I said it happens with other aircraft as well. Also no addon scenery in this area.

I would appreciate it if someone can look into this.


So I tried again yesterday from KUIN to KNEW in Louisiana. TBM930 with live weather. Everything was fun at FL290 till just past Memphis Tennessee. Then the dreadful three stutters and CTD. I don’t get it. I’ve been flying around Europe and Afrika for 5 hours straight flight. No issues. But in the US I have massive issues.

Is no one else seeing this?

No one? It just happened again on a flight from Philadelphia Intl. to New Orleans. The sim is super unstable in the US for me.

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I didn’t really know where to post

No worries!

I’m still having CTD’ when flying in the USA. I don’t understand why. I can fly for hours on end in Europe and Asia with no problems. But as soon as I start a flight in the US the sim crashes after ten to twenty minutes.

Anyone have any idea?