CTD multiscreen on game re-load

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


Brief description of the issue:

After enabling multi screen and changing resolution it seems to work fine. Upon exiting the sim, and relaunching, it will load to 100%, and then I can see “Window 1” attempt to popup on my left screen in all white, and then CTD. The only way I can relaunch, is by deleting the UserCfg.opt file, and starting from scratch.

PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant:

12700k, ROG STRIX 3070, triple tv’s @4k desktop native res - sim running @1080

Are you using DX12?


Are you using DLSS?


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I have not been able to get it to load in DX12, same thing, windows begin to appear, lock for a moment, unlock a second (blip) and CTD

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Yes, this seems to be specific to DX12. Using DX11 multi-screen works fine for me but it does crash with DX12. 5800x3d/6900xt

I seem to have figured it out … I manually edited the UserCfg.opt file.
The resolution values were slightly different than what native, and full screen should have been, so after adjusting those to the values below, it seems to load fine every time

Monitor 0
Windowed 1
FullscreenBorderless 1
WindowActive 0
Resolution 3840 2160
FullScreenResolution 1920 1080
PosX 0
PosY 0
WindowCustom0.Monitor 1
WindowCustom0.Windowed 1
WindowCustom0.FullscreenBorderless 1
WindowCustom0.WindowActive 1
WindowCustom0.Resolution 3840 2160
** WindowCustom0.FullScreenResolution 1920 1080**
WindowCustom0.PosX -3840
WindowCustom0.PosY 45
WindowCustom0.CameraDegRotationAdd 0.000000 -91.000000 0.000000
WindowCustom1.Monitor 2
WindowCustom1.Windowed 1
WindowCustom1.FullscreenBorderless 1
WindowCustom1.WindowActive 1
WindowCustom1.Resolution 3840 2160
** WindowCustom1.FullScreenResolution 1920 1080**
WindowCustom1.PosX 3840
WindowCustom1.PosY 45
WindowCustom1.CameraDegRotationAdd 0.000000 91.000000 0.000000

I think when you add a secondary window, and it pops up behind your main one, its default windowed mode, you then move it to the desired screen, and then fullscreen it. However it seems to keep that windowed mode resolution in the usercfg file instead of the fullscreen res it should be at. I’m guessing if it tries to launch monitor1 in that “slightly off” fullscreen resolution, that’s what causes the ctd.

Spoke too soon… loaded a flight, fine. exited game, and loaded again fine. took another testflight. exited… CTD everytime now I try to load the game back up. ughhh

lol same … post must be at least 10 characters

After 4 CTD’s trying to reload the game, I restarted the PC, and it loaded in fine.

I played with dx12 for a while fine… reverted back to 11, and restarted fine and tested no problem. changed back to 12, and when restarted the sim, it CTD. restarted the pc, and it loaded fine.