CTD on pretty much every flight

Pretty much every flight ends with a CTD. I have tried all the official suggestions. I don’t think there’s anything else I could do other than to start randomly replacing hardware, like the mobo, and I’m not about to do that. I guess I’ll just sit on the sidelines for 6 months or so and hope for a fix; that’s what I did for a good chunk of 2021 anyway. Honestly, I’m not too upset just now, because MSFS is kinda boring anyway, but it is frustrating and a shame. Guess I’ll go back to RDR2, and the tedium of feeding myself and that stupid horse… not sure why I play that game either… haha.

I currently using my other simulator MSFS has many issues with no end insight I reinstall MSFS every six month or so to see if there is any improvement but i passed the point of reinstalling it period which is a shame I feel like MSFS is way too advanced I’m not a fan of streaming data off the internet I have a feeling thats where a lot of issues are coming from as more and more people start using MSFS there is a server overload but then again what do I know I’m just a sim pilot just food for thought

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Did you overclock? MSFS doesn’t like that for some reason.
Did you try to empty community folder and try without add ons?
What are the system specs?

Do the CTDs come from nowhere or is there very bad FPS or sound stuttering just before that? And if so what does the developer mode FPS meter say? “Limited by …”

If possible please post a screenshot of the dev mode FPS meter if you get bad performance before the CTD. You can turn on developer mode in the settings and then choose FPS meter from the menu at the top.


same here: since 2 days CTDs during every “flight” in central europe.

Had that never before.

No changes made in system, software and hardware…


There is a current issue with Live Weather being down associated with CTD (and other issues). A work-around has been posted here until the Live Weather has been addressed:

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I wasn’t using live weather this morning because it’s down (as you said), and I still CTDed.


Yes, it’s only working for some users. :frowning_face:

Yeah, thanks for the suggestions, but as I said I’ve tried everything spelled out in the CTD help guides (your suggestions included).
No performance issues at all; runs beautifully smooth. I just get the standard sound stutter followed by an immediate CTD usually about 1 hour into the flight.

And what does the builtin FPS meter say during the stutters? “Limited by CoherentGTDraw”? Or “Limited by Mainthread”?

The CoherentGTDraw issue has caused sound stutters ending in CTD for me in the past.

Same here today, two flight attempts, two consecutive CTD’s
Set clear skies in weather presets.
Impossible to flight 20 min


same here right now, two attempts, two CTD’s

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This has GOT to be related to server problems (which apparently MSAsobo is having today). Remember when we get a new version and everyone seems to have CTDs around that time? That’s almost certainly from server overload and this could be the same. Maybe they have some servers down or something.

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Yes Servers are the reasons for the CTDs and significant stutters. They say they are working on it. Hope they get it fixed soon. Hope they get somewhat of a permanent server fix since we go through this way too often!

I’d start investigating here. There is no standard sound stutter or everyone would have it. I’ve never seen(heard) it.

Same here… no flight possible. Common sound stutter and a second later CTD. I can´t play MSFS any more. Cann´t complete any flight.


Many people have the same sequence of events that ends in a CTD. It starts with the sound cutting in and out a time or two (that’s what I call “stuttering”), then the CTD. See the post from DataX05DX where he experiences the same.

It is playable if you’re not unlucky. Most people will have no problems.

I had lots of CTD problems in the past and some of them were fixed by updates, some were add ons (which i think shouldn’t have the ability/power to cause the whole sim to CTD but that’s another discussion) and one was a problem on my side. (faulty power supply)

One thing is for sure CTDs are the most frustrating thing ever. This is a complete hobby and if something like that prevents you from enjoying your hobby it’s no fun. So for everyone still having CTDs i hope they will fix it for you.

Hopefully they can implement some security/error correction code (maybe auto disable faulty addons) and give us error messages so we can identify the problems.

Same here, was flying weeks without any problems. Last 2 days every flight results in a CTD at some point. I gave up on this sim for now (again) until an update is released on the weather bug.

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I get the exact same thing…sound stutter and CTD. No overclock, renamed community folder, never had this EVER before the patch.

Well, I’m 2 for 2 with successfully completing flights without CTDs. The two things that changed: the update from Jan-2022, and I quit using the Azure ATC voices. Fluke or success? IDK, will enjoy it while it lasts. Finger’s crossed.