CTD on pretty much every flight

4 for 4 now without a CTD. In addition to my comments in post above, I have also noticed that I no longer get an occasional (every 10-15 secs) sound pop/crack. This was always annoying, but I did not think it was an issue. Maybe the CTD failure mode that I described above (sound cuts in/out, then CTD) and occurs with 100% of the CTDs was actually related to a sound problem that MSFS fixed. IDK; spitballing.

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Well, I am cautiously optimistic. I lost count, but I’m thinking I’m 8 for 8 without a CTD now. I think the Jan-2022 update may have fixed my CTD issue, but I still have not turned Azure back on.

I have now since this SU7 update have the same issue with sound stuttering then ctd. I thought it was maybe my Realtek driver but now I’m not sure it is.

Didn’t have these ctd until this update.

Going to turn off atc azure voices to see if that helps.

Almost never had CTD, but since last update they’re frequent, even a reboot.


I’ve also rarely ever had CTDs. There were a couple I remember from very early in the sim, and I think none inbetween, but since the recent update I gotta say that, yes, they’ve definitely become more common. In fact, 3 CTDs in the last 5 or so sim sessions. It’s a bit much.

Cannot remember the last CTD until today, slight stutter then CTD. I have not changed any game settings for months.
Before this occurred today the clouds I was passing through looked really blocky and began to stretch and look weird as I exited. Enough so to make me go and check the setting as I thought they were on LOW, but the setting was still ULTRA.

I don’t use Live Weather that much as I load my profile most days.

On the other hand, there are a million users like me who don’t have CTD ever. I often doubt the veracity…or conformity with truth or fact of these posts.

After that the last SU I got crash every flight. Just jump back on the desktop. Is not more possible to fly a short trip with a airliner…

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Yes, you’re probably right, many have no issues at all. But your comment about some posters being dishonest; is there a post in particular that you’re referring to? All I’m seeing are folks that want to enjoy the sim and can’t; I was one of them.


I’m not going to single out a post. My point is I believe the issue is on their side 99% of the time. Not the sim’s fault. But from the comments it is 99% the sim’s fault. That is the part that is a little sketchy.

I think I know why the game crashs when I am in a lvl flight. The crash come always at the same time. So I check and see in the task manager that in win 10 process stops automatically like some with Hosts and sounds dolby atmos etc. Don’t know how to prevent this.

Ahh, yes, I agree with that perspective, just not your percentages.

That is fair. Maybe 95% of users don’t have CTD.

if 5% is too much, we paid for FS2020 and cannot use it now

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I have not had a CTD since I uninstalled the Nvidia HD Audio driver. If you’re not sure how, just reinstall your video drivers and use custom, uncheck the HD audio driver box.

FWIW, my CTDs were always preceded by a stutter, a sound stutter then CTD, which is why I thought it was sound related. I have Realtek audio, which appears to be conflicting with Nvidia.

Just wanted to report that I have not had a CTD now in almost 3 weeks, and probably 20 flights. That is ~3x loner than any non-CTD streak I’ve ever had since release, and my recent CTDs were almost every flight.

The one item that I’m now going to enable is Azure voices. We’ll see if that causes any CTDs.

I’d be interested to see if that makes a difference.

The freeze followed by sound stutter followed by crash is exactly what I’ve been experiencing for a long time. It’s infuriating!

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Sharing that after using Azure for ATC, I did end up with a CTD. But I also had the issue where I was unable to hear ATC (a first for me); there’s another thread covering this issue. I was being pretty aggressive with clicking stuff as I followed the workaround steps on that issue. I never did get ATC back, and eventfully got the CTD.
So, switched from Azure back to Offline ATC voices, and probably 4 flights now without CTD, and ATC has also worked fine.
Based on this, I’m gonna say Azure plays a part in my issues. Will obviously just stick with Offline ATC voices; will just have to be patient with the stupid TTS issues that it has just now.

intressting… you mean the old issue is back ?.. I have Offline-Voices enabled since the fist or second update, where this was an issue. The voice is bit different to Online, but why I should cause extra network-traffic if my PC can do that itself :slight_smile:

Yeah, agree completely. I just don’t know if Azure voices was truly the cause of my CTDs, but I’m having great success/luck now, so I’ll take it, and go with Offline.

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