CTD On Series X

I’ve had multiple crashes on the Series X, since I started playing this. I’ve received two updates since first playing and it never fixed the crashing. I’m at 32 crashes or more I’ve lost count at this stage.
Game randomly just quits back out to the xbox home screen.

Now what really takes the biscuit and I’m FURIOUS over is:

I started a flight from LFBD to KSEA … 12 HOURS yeah you read that right 12 HOURS ago!
All going extremely smooth albeit a few dodgy looking graphics while looking down from FL44.
Was coming into approach making the final turn around to line up with the runway and what happens? You guessed it!

THE GAME CRASHES back to the xbox home screen.
No saddle sore or frequent flyer achievement .

I’m sorry but how does Microsoft release something like this that people put several real time hours into it in one sitting and know it crashes because the last two updates did jack all.

I’m sorry for the rant and caps but I’m extremely upset right now. 12hours wasted, the thoughts of attempting this again. :frowning:

you are quite right, crashes on console should not happen, hope you reported it.

Yeah CTDs are common. Unfortunately its something the majority of the community has lived with since release.

Try avoid long haul flights for now.

9/10 on PC its caused by a broken mod but in your case I don’t really know what the route cause could be.

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