CTD on Xbox - Base Game

Okay this is starting to become very frustrating, after the so called patch the sim still seems to be broken, have tried to start 5 flights this morning, egbb to lowi no live weather, no Mods just the base game and every single time even before I manage to take-off ctd , what is going on with this sim, please please Asobo/Microsoft sort this out once and for all, I am on xbox but guessing its affecting pc also

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The issue is with your PC, not FSim.

I am not experiencing any such issues

I am also NOT having any problems, everything is working great.

Fine here too. Your outlook is not good.

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He’s using an Xbox…!

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pls do next time better Topic detail settings…

Try a hard reset of the Xbox (google it)

Awwww . . . I thought that there was really going to be a joke about ctd’s. :frowning:


I’m on Xbox Series X and do not have any issues.

  • From the Xbox Home Screen , make sure to quit MSFS from running, give it a minute to fully close and then startup MSFS again.
    I find the Xbox quick resume at times causes issues.
  • delete your MSFS game cache (in game under General/Data)
  • go to your Content manager and look for any updates
  • last thing to do if you still have CTD, check to see how much HDD space you have left. Maybe move or uninstall something.

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