CTD Opening SIM after 08/18/2021 update

After today’s update, CTD for me on opening the SIM, anyone else, or someone who have fixed it so far?

I’ve not seen an update today

There’s been no update today. Maybe you have a conflict in your Community folder?

The only update I’ve had is to Gaming Services.

Another downdate perhaps?

Steam downloaded an update on my MSFS today!

What’s your current version # after that update?

Since I can’t open it, do you know where I can find this information?

OXR Developer came down from the store for me. Flown since without problem.

Not sure with Steam, I’m a Store user.

Are there any logs like log.txt on x-plane so I can check what could be happening?

Fixed, It had nothing to do with the small update made by steam, the problem was a symbolic link pointing to a wrong place for Orbx Taipei scenery

Thanks all for your help!