Ctd please

can asobo please give an answer regarding continuous ctds?

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Its seems to me like a memory/graphics problem. For me, i got a lot of crashes before upping my virtual memory in windows and making sure my graphics card was optimized. Make sure the card is selected specifically to perform at highest for MSFS. Then, for example, I upped my virtual memory range. Lowest 25000mb (25 GB) max 32000mb (32 GB). I have 16 GB of RAM. Try these settings, it might help. Start, settings, in search window type performance, select select “adjust appearance and performance of windows” then advanced tab, find the memory windows, adjust like above. Then RESTART windows…start game and see

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thanks, i will try but before update 12 it didn’t happen

It’s the patch. Many people (myself included) who never had CTD issues previously (other than the widespread issues with the VFR map after the Japan update) are now experiencing crashes on a regular basis after the last update.

People are pointing to a ton of different places - SimConnect, various 3rd party stuff like mods or liveries, external hardware, etc as being the culprit.

But bear in mind, these problems DID NOT EXIST before the last update. So whatever is crashing and bringing down the sim, something that was done to the core code in the last update is causing the issue, not the extrernal issues.


Its different for everybody. ANY livery addon in the community folder used to cause CTD even before latest update FOR ME. Since I’ve upped the virtual memory, MSFS is a lot more stable, for me.

I had my first CTD today after 3 days since I disabled real world traffic and changed the voices to process on my computer. And my story is the same, very few problems with CTD before November’s patch. It got worse after December’s patch. But like I say, its gotten better disabling those features…as much as I enjoyed the real world traffic, this work around at least appears to work for me for now.

Yes, DISABLING features…sounds to me like lack of available memory/process power for this game/program. See, I doubt if its totally Microsoft’s/asobo’s fault…since they have to make a program compatible with tons of computer configurations. The CTD with the VFR map was on their end. But taking out features, graphics, etc…sounds like the virtual memory doesn’t like to handle all the crazy things going on at once that this program offers. Just my 2 cents. Try upping the V memory to 32 GB (32000MB), and let us know maybe? Its easy to do, and wont affect the rest of your cpu. This way your computer will grab the extra power when needed.

I’m seeing no evidence of a memory leak issue. I’ve been on this flight for the last 2 hours now. My system is using 16.1 / 32 GB. MSFS is using all of 6.8GB. I have no features disabled.

I hope it is the patch. From December 2019 (Alpha) I never had a CTD, but yesterday I had the first CTD.

I haven’t had one after this new update (still might happen as it seems to always come back), since typing in 32000mb max, 20000mb min in the windows. I didn’t look at at specific usages, I don’t trust that. I think freeing up the most memory possible really helps MSFS run a lot smoother. Both performance and crashing wise. I have all my graphics maxed out, and still runs a decent fps. This program is an absolute beast and needs your computers max efforts!

I’ll give it a shot! Nothing to lose in that really besides a bit of disk space and thats not a concern. Dare I re-enable what I disabled?

good choice. Don’t re enable anything until you play and see better performance and less CTD, in my opinion.

Have had numerous. I just assumed it was VR and my computer struggling. Now I’m not sure.

It normally happens when I turn on external lights for some reason. I’ve had about 10 in the last two days…I’m using sim connect with STKP and I’ve tried turning off traffic. Stopping neither helped and I CTD with them off…

It´s there since the last update and that must have a reason. I sent everything they demanded to support and of course - guys - use the zendesk to report. Stop listening to the “reinstall windows” or “reinstall MSFS”-faction and just do one thing: Report and support Asobo with the stuff they need to reproduce the CTDs.

It’s definitely not 3rd party or external tools. Nor is it triggered by user input events.

I flew it vanilla. No mods, liveries, external tools. Even removed my Navigraph data and didn’t use Navigraph or Little NavMap. It still crashed randomly. The most puzzling was one CTD while at cruise at FL300 midway through a 3 hour flight. I hadn’t done anything, touched anything, etc. Just heard the sound stutter, screen freeze, then I was staring at my desktop.

People can blame whatever they want. The real issue is some bad code they inserted in the last update. Period. And we won’t get a fix for it until next update in 2 weeks at the earliest. That’s is they even manage to get it fixed by then.

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Thats another distinct thing about my crashes…its always after this sound stutter. Idk if thats a clue for anyone.

Just wanted to mention that I’ve had the classic ctd for a while now and I don’t use real AI Traffic. So that’s not it.

Don’t go too crazy with virtual memory. I would only recommend it if you have 16GB or less or RAM. Anything past 1.5 times your physical RAM in your system can actually degrade overall system performance. If you have 32GB or more, you can technically turn of Virtual Memory altogether and see no difference at all when it comes to gaming until you have 3435542 tabs open in Chrome in the background.

That seems to be what’s happening for most people at least. You get a sound stutter, screen freeze, then crash. It’s led people to believe it’s ATC voice causing the issue. I’m not convinced.

Currently everything seems to be running smoothly for me. I’ve run several flights today and no issues at all so far. I’m wondering if it may have been something server side and they may have fixed it unbeknownst to us. But maybe not. Maybe I’m just lucky today.

I have same issue after the sim update 2. Everything running smoothly before that. I have no mods in the folder. Please fix the issue.