CTD problem with CRJ 700 need help

The last 3 times I wanted to use the CRJ 700, I had 2 freezes of the pc with compulsory reboot, I play a lot of different games, it’s been a lot of years since it happened to me, and the last time I had a CTD.
The last time I got a CTD was when I was entering my plan into the FMS, I think I wanted to do the same flight plan all 3 times.
Could someone look at their CRJ and see if they have the same problem?
I have entered :
Star VALA1
final ILS r03
and when I tried to click on the NEDAN transition, I got the CTD.
I never had the problem before, I think it came with the WW4 update.
PS: I didn’t try to enter a flight plan in another plane, just flew without problems.
Thanks for your help, it will help me to know if I am alone, to investigate further.

Id recommend to post in the aerosoft crj support forum, instead of here.

Hi @ImDrako2132,
To keep the forum organized, I’ve moved your topic into #third-party-addon-discussion:aircraft
Thank you.

Yes, of course, but I’m not sure it’s from aerosoft, maybe just me, that’s why I came here asking to try my flight plan to be sure, as many here have the CRj.

I am having the same issue totally different airports on a different part of the globe. Just started for me last week.

Sure, nothing wrong with that. But AS needs to know aboutit if its crj related. They are tracking the bugreports there. Maybe you even find a solution there.

I had a crash at a Flytampa airport, couldnt figure out why, went to the official forum and indeed, there was already the fix for it. Id always recommend using the forums of the developer itself when it comes to 3rd party, there you have the devs helping out.

EDIT: Oh god, i should not write from my 6yr old mobile. Typos corrected…

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I confirm, it is well by registering the transition NEDAN that the game freezes, and I could see what it occurs, my memory fills of only one blow, 32 GO full, and my SSD also goes up to 100 % of use, I sent on the FORUM aerosoft the problem, one will see well.

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