CTD`s on Series X

Still getting CTD´s on Series X, mostly on Approach.
EDDK to EIDW with A320. Stock Airports / Aircraft

SU10 Beta V1.27.21.0

Frustrating to do longer flights still as they crash mostly for me on Appoach a few miles out to the Airport or on Landing.

Are you using Developer Mode or made changes in it?


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Still having CTD´s after some longer flights (1h+) on Xbox Series X. They happen mostly on Approach for me, a few miles out of the Airport or shortly before touch down.

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Doing flights 1h+. Happens randomly

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Xbox Series X / VelocityFlight One / Thrustmaster Hotas

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A quick search: Search results for 'CTD ' - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums

See if one of these match your issue :+1:

A lot of them are older and not related to SU10.
SU10 is meant to fix those but it still doesnt completely on Xbox.

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I’m on Series X and I haven’t had a CTD in just about a month. They are very rare for me and I sim daily… No 3rd party airports (but I do use Enhanced Airport Graphics)… Id be happy to compare console settings as I dont understand how X users are having so many CTD issues…

How full is your SSD? Do you use Instant On or Energy Saving? (I use energy saving). Maybe an overheating issue?

I do make sure I close my games properly and not rush the xbox… I religiously avoid quick resume.

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Cant be overheating as the Software is just closing itself and not the Console powering off.
Console is set to Instant On. I close MSFS fully though and reopen it everytime I use it, otherwise i get issues with peripherals not beeing detected / working anymore.

MSFS is installed on a Storage Expansion Card which has 259GB free Storage left.
Rolling Cache in MSFS is 64

I agree with OP still far too many CTD on xbox even with .21. I’ve just flown EGGP to Nice LFMN. Both of these are Asobo airports. I flew the A320 and CTD on final at 200m while flying in manually. So frustrating.

Still, it’s better than SU9 at least.

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