MSFS staff, I am writing you in regards to update five since you have implemented update five it has destroyed what was good about the same it is now way to gamy and there are thousands of us who cannot get past CT D’s once we press the buy button. Like most of us I have been a avid simmer for years and have spent thousands of dollars to be able to run MSFS 2020. You have rushed update five and in doing that have taken away what thousands of us used to enjoy about this simulator can you send out a hot fix which doesn’t even address the CT D’s saying you want us to wait another 20 something days until we can possibly have a fix to play. A Sobo I am extremely disappointed to see how fast you obviously rush this in order to have Xbox online like so many of us I’m considering on boycotting the same I am also a streamer and I am at the point where I’m going to begin calling you out for exactly what it is you rushed this update and then the process took away what people work so hard to get and to be able to play the Sim I know I speak for most of us that we are extremely disappointed in what you have done and even more disappointed on how you are handling this CTD. Truly absolutely disappointing

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