CTD/SimConnect/FS2crew Help!

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Brief description of the issue: Installed FS2crew for A32nx. Launched MSFS gets about halfway then a black screen appears and then it crashes. No errors nothing. Searched some forums, found a simconnect topic so added an .ini file that comes up with a log, but no improvement. Unistalled FS2crew, verified game cache, done some Dsim runs on Command prompt. Out of ideas

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PC specs and/or peripheral set up if relevant: Processor Intel(R) Core™ i7-9700K CPU @ 3.60GHz RTX2070 Super latest driver 511.79 16GB 1TB SSD

Build Version # when you first started experiencing this issue: Latest MSFS version

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I’m not entirely sure it is a Fs2crew issue though. i’ve uninstalled it and wiped the folders and still MSFS crashes on the loading screen. I’ve done the steam cloud thing as well.

I had a similar experience.
I decided I was going to have a second installation on a dual boot configuration to enable me to test various bits of software and configurations without potentially compromising my main setup.
PC is i7 10gen RTX3080 32GB with two NVME 1TB SSDs.
I did a clean install of windows 11 updated all drivers and updates. Did a clean install of the store version by download. That is no copying of old installation files.
I installed all my addons ok and finally FS2Crew A320 edition. It then crashed on the load screen.
I started uninstalling all addons in turn to try and find what the cause was. I finally uninstalled everything all addons but alas it still crashed on loading.
Not to give up easily I repeated the whole install over again including reinstallation of windows. Testing after each addon it was fine until, yes you guessed it FS2Crew. Exactly same result as the first attempt.
I gave up on having a second system for testing. Uninstalling FS2Crew does not solve the problem, it must corrupt something. What that is I have no idea whatsoever.
My initial installation (windows 10) still works great including FS2Crew.
I don;t know if it’s a win10/11 thing but I’m not going to attempt a third time yet.
Very interested as to your outcome of this mystery.

@Sellie6131 That’s exactly the issue I’ve had, it must corrupt something then, which I’m just gobsmacked by. I’ve looked at other topics and some recommend a DDU install of the display drivers. I’ve looked on Event viewer and I’ve got Errors and Warnings.

So you did a full reinstall of windows and that helped?

No a reinstall of windows did nothing to help.
I’m dual booting.
I have an original win10 installation that I’ve been using for about a year which works great including the FS2Crew which I installed on it just over a month ago.
New install win 11 on the same computer (dual boot) I had the problem. Twice.
I don’t think personally that it’s anything to do with the display driver. Maybe a driver elsewhere. Who knows. FS2Crew definitely screws with something that uninstalling it doesn’t resolve.
I had exactly the same addons installed on the second system. Only difference as far as I could tell were win 11 drivers as opposed to win 10 on the original.

All I can say with certainty is it installed and works ok on a mature win 10 install but not on a clean win 11 install on the same computer.

@Sellie6131 @Beechc23 Solved it. Its to do with FUSIPC7 and FS2crew and a corrupted EXE.xml file.

This link has everything you need. Follow it to the letter, apologies if sharing something off another website is against rules.

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Thanks Vinny I’ll give it a try once again.
Probably be the weekend though.