CTD since SU7 in VR

Hi there,
after fixing a problem with the MSFS claiming low bandwith after SU7 (https://www.reddit.com/r/Flightsimulator2020/comments/qy3pwz/bandwith_for_streaming_too_low/) with doing a clean reinstall on Windows 11 the sim always crashes to desktop when entering VR in flight or starting a flight in VR. (VR in the menues is ok, and it happens regardless if VR ist first started or the flight is started and then switched. It works in pancake-mode.)

First I had my MSFS installation reintegrated into the new Windows to avoid the complete download, but then decided to give the sim a complete clean install too. I deleted all directories (Steam and content) and installed from the scratch: same problem.

I have a Valve Index, Saitek (Logitech) yoke and rudder and the system ist good equipped (RTX3090, Ryzen 5950X, 32GB DDR4, gen4 nvme). The system ist not overclocked and is perfect stable with any other software (VR or pancake). I’ve tried Steam VR beta and “normal”. The BIOS and all drivers (MB, graphics, network sound…) are the latest versions, there is no other software or hardware installed yet.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

I’ve found the reason: DX12.
I had tested the DX12 option before reinstalling the sim. I didn’t check the 2D settings after the clean install because the VR-settings were resetted to something I suppose is default.
After switching off the DX12 option the reproduceable CTD have dissapeared.
Now I can relish the long list of other VR-Bugs, mentioned a lot here in the forum…

Where do you look for the DX12 setting or not?

The DX12 Settings are only in 2D-Settings visible.