CTD stopped a while back, but FR is just awful now

Prior to the August release, I had a pretty stable platform, considering my mid-level rig (i5-9550, 32GB RAM, GTX 1060. I could fly in the mid 20s and get no lower than the low teens in dense scenery areas with most graphic elements at medium or high.

After the official release, performance didn’t change, but I did CTD on 50%-75% of my flights. I tried pretty much every suggested fix, including reinstalling the game and Windows. That stopped a few months ago, I believe after my rig updated to Windows version 20H2. I haven’t had a CTD in months.

Now, my frame rates have become unplayable. But here is what’s odd. The frame rates will decrease substantially during the flight. Today I tried two flights in the Daher. BOS-EWR and BUF-PIT. In both cases, FR started in the high 20s on the takeoff roll, and within 15 minutes (over rural eastern CT and Lake Erie), the frame rates were in single digits.

How much VRAM in that card?

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