CTD - the use of manual cache is strongly discouraged

Just in case you missed it, another CTD inducing issue:

CTD when using Manual Cache

We are aware of crashes when using Manual Cache and we are investigating it. Until then, the use of manual cache is strongly discouraged.



The manual cache interface is broken anyway (the grid moving independently from the map, makes impossible to select region for caching).
This means no photogrammetry for me with my 5Mbps link, my 50GB manual cache (Copenhagen, Seattle…) painstakingly created and downloaded (days of downloading on my slow link) were discarded by the World Update 3 (UK).

Total, total BUMMER! :sob:

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Maybe location is the cause ? I’ve a 50Gb manual cache assigned 2 days ago without a specific location (checkmark any location, no selection) and I’ve not seen issues or CTD’s… been at several airports…

Also I can note, that before creating the new manual cache, I removed the old one… left the game… and 10 hours later restarted the game… and set up the new manual cache.

Do you really mean “manual cache” or rather “rolling cache”. Manual cache interface is broken, so it’s no tpossible to cache new regions…

Dunno stekutsu, I just clicked a button to create the Manual cache, after removing the Rolling cache. I did NOT use the location selector, there was a checkbox saying “all locations” default on. I created the file, waited for some time… but you may be right, the “view” option for manual cache is switched off atm and the rolling cache shows the size I set for manual cache… so in fact don’t know (can both be on ?)

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Most probably you just created the manual cache file, without populating it with any data.

I fixed this problem by running UI in windowed mode.

btw even with the full London coverage hires download msfs seams to ignore the manual cache and downloads from the internet, with the message that I don’t have a fast enough internet connection and should disable photogrammetry. very sad.


After selecting an area, I’ve also noticed when you try and pan around the map, the areas you have selected slide around while panning and do not stay fixed.

Hope this is actually going to be fixed not an effort to nerf it or do away with it to appease third party map sellers.


I started testing manual cache last night again…up in the left hand corner, you have to put the home airport code in that you want to work from and the the map will show of that area to start filling in. I flew the area with no CTD.

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Eej haven’t noticed that yet ! Thx Rozellespi, I’ll try that with my favorite takeoff-landing exercise airport… I do not want cache elsewhere, so that may be a good idea just for that airport (I would not dare to modify the place with the SDK haha)

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This might help in creating a manual cache. Hope it does.

I manually cached Copenhagen area on High, ca. 4 GB so most probably photogrammetry data included.
However when attempting to cache 2nd area - London - sim CTD 2-3 min after cache download start :frowning:
Restarting or redefinng the 2nd area doesn’t help. Consistent CTD each time when attempting to cache 2nd area.
Seems like there are more issues with Manual Cache than just the map panning. If I remember correctly these issues were introduced by US World update in November or VR Sim update in December, as previously manual cache was working correclty.
Another example of “Microsobo” two steps forward one step back update dance :frowning:

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D a m …because of the complaints, I’ve been waiting for that to happen. Not yet though. Been lucky?

This morning, I tried again downloading my photogrammetry home airport into my content. Manually cached the area, then deleted it from my content in marketplace and turned photogrammetry off. When I approached to land, stut, stut, stutter…ridiculous!! Had to turn all my settings from high down to medium and it still glitched a little there. Until they figure that all out, there is enough to see without having photogrammetry on in settings. :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:

I don’t know about the caches but I’ve started developing this theory that CTDs are more likely if you leave the sim on PAUSE for a while, or the longer your flight the more likely it is to CTD once you begin the approach.

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I getting CTDs not when flying, but when downloading data for Manual Cache.

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