CTD twice in the last two days with the latest update

MODS, please merge into appropriate topic. Ever since the last update I’ve been seeing more CTDs. I had one yesterday after I hit FLY and then also today, I was flying from Seattle to Santa Ana. An hour and a half into my flight—CTD with no errors.

I guess I need to start saving my flights every 30 minutes.

In my case the problem was a marginal system. I had been running on high-end graphics successfully until the last World Update after which I guess it was the last straw that broke the camel’s back. I’m now looking at a better graphics card and more RAM.

Thanks, but I’ve rarely had a CTD until this update and my system hasn’t changed.

I have a feeling some of it has to do with Cloud data streaming. Im on Xbox but since last update I was almost CTD free with smooth fram rates after deleting my Cache. Then starting late Sunday it’s been crash city. I recall months back live weather streaming was causing crashes from the server side. I just joined the crash logging patch hopefully good will come out of it.

I’ve had a few CTD since the sim came out but the past week it’s non-stop with two different planes so far. I’m ready to fly or just getting started and CTD.