CTD VR Reverb G2

Hi Team,

Just recently I have been experiencing a CTD every time I switch between VR in MSFS? This has only just started occurring. I have tried switching to VR mode before pressing fly and switching to VR mode in game to see if this is the cause but it still CTD every time?
I have noticed that I have OpenXR WMR and OpenXR development WMR installed on my computer. Are both WMR required? I wonder if this is causing a clash?
Can anyone help?

Open XR development WMR - you meant OpenXR developer tool? if yes, then that’s ok, it is just tool which lets you control WMR a bit - set resolution, turn on-off reprojection, run preview OpenXR runtime.

Check if some mods are not making problems - just remove them all and then try. If it helps, start adding them back one-by-one to find which one causes CDT.

I don’t know if it’s still relevant, but immediately after SU5 people were recommending you keep “use latest preview” unchecked until an update came about. Apparently having the preview on was causing problems for some G2 owners.
Mine is current off.


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